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Zangief in Street Fighter 6: All You Need to Know

Zangief, the colossal wrestler known as the Red Cyclone, returns as a playable character in Street Fighter 6. With his devastating command grabs and powerful moves, Zangief has always been a feared World Warrior. This guide will provide you with all the essential information about Zangief in Street Fighter 6. We’ve got you covered, from his move list to some tips and tricks.

Introduction to Zangief

Introduced in the original Street Fighter 2, Zangief is a Russian wrestler renowned for his dangerous command grabs. His ability to end opponents’ lives with just a few grabs and impeccable timing makes him a force to be reckoned with. However, Zangief is proficient in grabs; he also possesses strong normals, special moves that help him advance while avoiding projectiles, and even a parry for certain attacks.

Zangief’s Move List

Let’s delve into the various tools and resources at the disposal of the Red Cyclone. Here is Zangief’s move list, complete with unique attacks and special moves. It might be worth noting that some of these moves might contain hidden Easter eggs to discover, adding another layer of depth and fun to the game. Here is Zangief’s move list:

Zangief's Move List

Unique Attacks

  • Hellstab: Down Forward + Medium Punch
  • Knee Hammer: Forward + Medium Kick
  • Headbutt: Forward + Heavy Punch
  • Cyclone Wheel Kick: Forward + Heavy Kick
  • Smetana Dropkick: Down Forward + Heavy Kick
  • Flying Body Press: (In the air) Down + Heavy Punch
  • Flying Headbutt: (In neutral jump) Up + Heavy Punch
  • Machine Gun Chops: Medium Punch, Medium Punch, Medium Punch
  • Power Stomps: Down, Down + Medium Kick, Medium Kick, Medium Kick

Special Moves

  • Double Lariat: Two Punches
  • Screw Piledriver: 360 + (Any) Punch
  • Borscht Dynamite: (In the air) 360 + (Any) Kick
  • Russian Suplex: (Near opponent) Half Circle Back + (Any) Kick
  • Siberian Express: (Far from the opponent) Half Circle Back + (Any) Kick
  • Tundra Storm: Down, Down + Heavy Kick

Super Arts

  • Aerial Russian Slam: Double Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) Kick
  • Cyclone Lariat: Double Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) Punch
  • Bolshoi Storm Buster: 360×2 + (Any) Punch

Best Tips for Playing as Zangief

To maximize your performance as Zangief in Street Fighter 6, here are some valuable tips:

Best Tips for Playing as Zangief
  1. Master the command grabs: Zangief’s command grabs are his most potent weapons. Learn their range, timing, and setups to catch your opponents off guard.
  2. Utilize Zangief’s normals: Zangief possesses strong normal attacks that can control space and counter opponents’ moves. Understand their properties and use them effectively.
  3. Mix up your offense: Don’t rely solely on grabs. Incorporate Zangief’s unique attacks, special moves, and normals to keep your opponents guessing.
  4. Capitalize on opponents’ mistakes: Zangief’s grabs excel at punishing opponents’ whiffed or unsafe moves. Stay patient, observe your opponents’ patterns, and punish accordingly.
  5. Learn to manage distance: Zangief’s ability to close the gap and avoid projectiles with moves like the Double Lariat is crucial. Time your approaches and use these moves wisely.
  6. Practice parrying with Tundra Storm: Zangief’s move can parry specific attacks, providing counterattack opportunities. Practice the timing and use it as a defensive tool.
  7. Take advantage of V-Shift: Street Fighter 6 introduces the V-Shift mechanic, allowing for defensive maneuvers. Master V-Shift with Zangief to create openings and escape pressure.
  8. Explore different V-Triggers: Zangief has access to multiple V-Triggers, each with unique properties and benefits. Experiment with them to find the one that suits your playstyle.
  9. Utilize the training mode: Spend time in the training mode to practice Zangief’s combos, setups, and timing. Familiarize yourself with his move set to maximize your potential.
  10. Stay patient and persevere: Zangief is a character that requires resilience and perseverance. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks and losses; learn from them and improve your skills.

With these tips and tricks, you can effectively unleash the power of the Red Cyclone, achieving higher ranks in the Street Fighter 6 and dominate your opponents.


Zangief’s return to Street Fighter 6 brings excitement to fans of the series. With his devastating command grabs, powerful moves, and unique playstyle, Zangief offers a thrilling experience for players who enjoy the wrestling archetype. By mastering his grabs, utilizing his diverse move set, and staying patient, you can become a formidable force in Street Fighter 6. So step into the ring, embrace the power of the Red Cyclone, and show your opponents what Zangief is capable of!


Who is Zangief in Street Fighter 6?

Zangief is a colossal wrestler known as the Red Cyclone. He is a dedicated fighter focused on physical improvement and training his students.

What does Zangief dislike in Street Fighter 6?

Zangief dislikes projectiles such as Hadokens in Street Fighter 6.

What does Zangief like in Street Fighter 6?

Zangief likes wrestling and Cossack dancing in Street Fighter 6.

How tall is Zangief in Street Fighter 6?

Zangief stands at a height of 7 feet in Street Fighter 6.

What is Zangief’s weight in Street Fighter 6?

Zangief weighs 399 lbs in Street Fighter 6.

Does Zangief have any special moves in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, Zangief has a variety of special moves, including his signature Spinning Piledriver and Banishing Flat.

Can Zangief be played with different fighting styles in Street Fighter 6?

Zangief has a unique fighting style centered around wrestling, showcasing powerful grappling techniques and throws.

Can Zangief be used offline and online modes in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, Zangief can be used in both offline modes, such as arcade and training, as well as online modes, including ranked matches and casual play.

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