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Ultimate Guide to Poise in Elden Ring: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies


In Elden Ring, a well-rounded understanding of game mechanics is crucial to conquering the challenges that await. One such mechanic is poise. Mastering poise can mean the difference between victory and defeat. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into the concept of poise, its mechanics, and how you can use it to your advantage in the world of Elden Ring.

What is Poise?

Understanding Poise

Poise is a fundamental game mechanic in Elden Ring that affects your character’s ability to withstand enemy attacks without being staggered or interrupted. Poise determines your character’s resilience against staggering and allows you to maintain your offensive stance even when receiving blows from enemies.

What is Poise Understanding Poise

How to Increase Poise

Equipment and Weapons

Your character’s poise can be enhanced by certain weapons and armor sets in Elden Ring. Typically, heavier armor sets grant a higher poise bonus, whereas lighter sets provide less. Furthermore, some weapons inherently offer higher poise values, fortifying your stance during combat. If you’re wondering about what equipment to choose, here’s a guide on choosing the best keepsake to get you started.

How to Increase Poise

Rings and Consumables

Elden Ring offers various rings and consumables that can temporarily or permanently increase your poise. Equipping these items will provide you with an added layer of defense, making it harder for enemies to interrupt your actions.

Effective Poise Management

Balancing Poise and Mobility

While it’s tempting to stack as much poise as possible, remember that heavier armor sets and weapons will increase your equip load, potentially reducing your character’s mobility. Finding the right balance between poise and mobility is key to optimizing your character for various combat situations.

Effective Poise Management Balancing Poise and Mobility

Choosing the Right Weapon

Every weapon comes with unique poise values and attack animations. Some weapons grant temporary poise boosts during their attack animations, allowing you to effectively trade hits with enemies. Experimenting with various weapons to find the one that aligns with your playstyle and poise management strategy is key. If you’re seeking to master a new skill, consider our guide on mastering the Unsheathe skill with Ashes of War and Katanas.

Poise in PvP

Outsmarting Your Opponent

In PvP scenarios, poise management becomes even more crucial. By understanding your opponent’s weapon choice and their poise values, you can strategize and adapt your playstyle accordingly, potentially staggering them and leaving them vulnerable to your attacks.

 Timing Your Attacks

An essential aspect of poise management in PvP is timing your attacks to capitalize on your opponent’s vulnerability. Carefully observe your opponent’s attack patterns, and strike when their poise is low to maximize your chances of staggering them.

Poise Breakpoints

What are Poise Breakpoints?

Poise breakpoints are specific values of poise that, when reached, enable your character to withstand specific types of attacks without being staggered. Understanding poise breakpoints allow you to optimize your character’s poise value to counter specific enemy attacks effectively.

Calculating Poise Breakpoints

As you progress through Elden Ring, you’ll encounter various enemy types with different attack patterns and poise damage values. By analyzing these values and calculating the corresponding poise breakpoints, you can fine-tune your character’s poise value to better withstand enemy assaults.

Tips and Tricks

Mastering Hyper Armor

Hyper armor is a mechanic that grants your character temporary poise during specific attack animations. By learning which weapon attacks grant hyper armor, you can strategically time your attacks to trade hits with enemies and maintain your offensive momentum.

Tips and Tricks

Adapting to Your Environment

Elden Ring’s vast, interconnected world offers various environments and enemy types. As you explore, keep in mind how poise can play a role in different scenarios, and adapt your poise management strategy accordingly. For example, in tight corridors or against large groups of enemies, higher poise may be beneficial to withstand multiple attacks without being interrupted.

Utilizing Poise-Boosting Abilities

Some abilities and spells in Elden Ring can temporarily increase your character’s poise. Incorporating these abilities into your build can provide you with a significant advantage during combat, making it harder for enemies to stagger or interrupt you.

Utilizing Poise-Boosting Abilities


Mastering poise in Elden Ring is an essential skill for any player looking to conquer the challenges that await in this vast and interconnected world. By understanding the mechanics of poise and how it interacts with various aspects of the game, such as equipment, weapons, and enemy attacks, you can optimize your character for success. Whether you’re battling fearsome bosses or engaging in intense PvP combat, a well-rounded understanding of poise management will undoubtedly improve your overall Elden Ring experience.

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