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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Best Characters and Rankings (June 2023)

Street Fighter 6 has taken the fighting game community by storm with its diverse roster of characters and intense gameplay. As the competitive scene evolves and new strategies emerge, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest tier list. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive Street Fighter 6-tier list for June 2023, highlighting the best characters and their rankings. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey, this guide will help you choose the most formidable fighters to dominate your battles. Understanding the art of gameplay and mechanics in Street Fighter 6 can also give you an edge.

Understanding the Tier List

A tier list is a ranking system that categorizes characters based on their strength and viability in competitive play. While tier lists are subjective and can vary across different regions and player opinions, they serve as a valuable resource to assess a character’s potential and effectiveness. The tier list takes into account factors such as a character’s move set, abilities, frame data, and overall performance in high-level play. And let’s not forget about their devastating finishing moves and critical arts. It’s important to note that personal skill and playstyle can still make a significant difference in a match, even with lower-tier characters.

Understanding the Tier List

June 2023 Street Fighter 6 Tier List

The following tier list provides an overview of the best characters in Street Fighter 6 as of June 2023. Please note that the rankings may change as the game evolves, new strategies are discovered, and balance patches are implemented.

S Tier: The Dominators

  1. Guile: A long-time Street Fighter favorite, Guile excels with his deadly Super Arts and the ability to pin opponents in the corner. Mastering Guile requires precision and strategy, but his potential to dominate the battlefield is unparalleled.
  2. Kimberly: As a newcomer to the series, Kimberly stands out with her easy-to-understand move set and rapid mobility. She can be a challenging opponent to deal with, thanks to her execution simplicity and devastating abilities.
  3. Manon: Manon brings a unique, ballet-inspired combat style to Street Fighter 6. Her grab moves, especially when combined with the Medal System, can deal devastating damage to opponents. Learning her rhythm and executing back-to-back throws will lead to impressive takedowns.
  4. Marisa: Marisa is another newcomer who hits hard and boasts an impressive range. Her charge punches and wide-reaching kicks make her a formidable force in battle. Catching opponents off-guard can lead to swift victories.
  5. Zangief: Zangief, known for his enormous health pool and devastating grapple moves, is a true monster in Street Fighter 6. While his close-quarters combat style requires practice, his raw power and resilience make him a formidable adversary.

A Tier: The Strong Contenders

  1. Cammy: A fan-favorite among both newcomers and experienced players, Cammy showcases her athletic playstyle in Street Fighter 6. Her versatility and mix-up potential makes her a well-rounded choice.
  2. Luke: Luke’s agility and versatile move set make him a strong contender in the A tier. Players who appreciate a fast-paced and aggressive playstyle will find success with him.
  3. Chun-Li: Chun-Li, a renowned character in the Street Fighter series, retains her strength in Street Fighter 6. Her rapid strikes and versatile move set allow for creative combos and high damage output.
  4. Ken: Ken’s familiarity and versatility make him a reliable choice for players who enjoy a balanced playstyle. With his mix of powerful strikes and agile movements, he remains a solid contender.
  5. Juri: Juri’s unique abilities and agile movements grant her an edge in battles. Her focus on counterattacks and mobility can catch opponents off-guard, making her a formidable force.
  6. JP: JP brings a diverse move set to the table, including ranged attacks and projectiles. While considered weaker by some, JP’s potential can shine in the hands of skilled players who know how to play online with friends.
  7. Marisa: Marisa, while already mentioned in the S tier, remains a strong contender in the A tier as well. Her hard-hitting attacks and wide range make her a versatile choice.

B Tier: The Solid Choices

  1. Ryu: Ryu, a Street Fighter icon, sits in the B tier. While not as dominant as in previous iterations, Ryu still possesses reliable fundamentals and a well-rounded playstyle.
  2. Jamie: Jamie’s playstyle revolves around precise spacing and calculated strikes. While not as flashy as other characters, Jamie’s solid fundamentals make them a viable choice.
  3. Dhalsim: Dhalsim’s long-range attacks and zoning capabilities make him a unique character in the roster. Players who enjoy keeping their opponents at bay and controlling the pace of the match will find Dhalsim appealing.
  4. E. Honda: E. Honda’s strength lies in his powerful strikes and command grabs. With a mix of close-range and mid-range options, he can catch opponents off-guard.

C Tier: The Challenging Fighters

  1. Dee Jay: Dee Jay’s emphasis on rhythm and timing can make him a challenging character to master. While possessing unique moves and playstyle, he requires precision to be effective.
  2. Lily: Lily’s style focuses on unpredictable movements and mix-ups. However, her complexity and execution requirements can be daunting for less experienced players.
  3. Blanka: Blanka’s unorthodox movements and electrifying attacks can surprise opponents, but his reliance on unconventional tactics makes him difficult to master.
June 2023 Street Fighter 6 Tier List


This Street Fighter 6-tier list provides an overview of the best characters and their rankings as of June 2023. Keep in mind that the tier list is subjective and subject to change as the game evolves. Ultimately, personal skill and playstyle play a significant role in achieving success in Street Fighter 6. Whether you choose a top-tier character or a lower-tier fighter, mastering their moves and strategies is key to becoming a formidable competitor. So, choose your character wisely, train hard, and dominate the battlefield!


What is a tier list in Street Fighter 6?

A tier list in Street Fighter 6 is a ranking system that assesses the strength and viability of each character in competitive play. It helps players understand which characters are considered stronger or weaker based on their abilities, move sets, and performance in high-level play.

How often is the Street Fighter 6-tier list updated?

The Street Fighter 6 tier list is regularly updated as the competitive meta evolves and new balance changes or character updates are introduced. It’s important to stay updated with the latest tier list to have an understanding of the current rankings and character strengths.

Are tier lists definitive in Street Fighter 6?

Tier lists in Street Fighter 6 are subjective and based on the opinions and experiences of top players and the community. While tier lists provide valuable insights, individual skill, and playstyle can also greatly impact the effectiveness of a character in your hands.

What does S tier mean in the Street Fighter 6 tier list?

In the Street Fighter 6 tier list, the S tier represents the highest-ranking characters considered to be the strongest and most dominant in competitive play. These characters often have exceptional abilities, move sets, and tools that give them an advantage over other fighters.

Can lower-tier characters still be viable in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, lower-tier characters in Street Fighter 6 can still be viable and successful in the hands of skilled players. While they may require more effort and strategy to succeed, mastering their unique playstyles and exploiting their strengths can lead to victories even against higher-tier opponents.

Are tier lists the only factor to consider when choosing a character in Street Fighter 6?

No, tier lists should not be the sole determining factor when choosing a character in Street Fighter 6. It’s important to find a character that suits your playstyle and preferences. Experiment with different fighters, learn their move sets and select the one that feels the most comfortable and enjoyable to play.

Can the Street Fighter 6-tier list change over time?

Yes, the Street Fighter 6 tier list is subject to change as the game evolves and players discover new strategies and techniques. Balance patches, character updates, and shifts in the competitive meta can influence the rankings and perception of certain characters.

Are tier lists the same across different regions in Street Fighter 6?

Tier lists can vary slightly across different regions in Street Fighter 6 due to differences in playstyles, player preferences, and competitive scenes. While there may be some consensus on the overall strength of certain characters, regional variations can exist based on the local metagame.

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