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Street Fighter 6 Roster: Complete Character List for Launch

Street Fighter 6, the highly anticipated fighting game developed by Capcom, is set to release with an exciting roster of characters. This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of all the confirmed characters for the game’s launch. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or new to the franchise, this guide will give you valuable insights into each character and their unique playstyles.

The Characters of Street Fighter 6

At launch, Street Fighter 6 will feature 18 characters, including familiar faces from previous games and fresh challengers. Capcom has carefully curated a diverse roster that appeals to many players. Let’s take a closer look at some of the confirmed characters:

The Characters of Street Fighter 6


An iconic World Warrior from Street Fighter II, Blanka returns with electrifying moves and rolling attacks. Street Fighter 6 has enhanced Blanka with new gimmicks and improved rolling capabilities. Interested in Blanka’s evolution and the tactics behind his electrifying moves? We delve deeper into his age, gameplay, and combos in our detailed Blanka guide.


First introduced in Super Street Fighter II, Cammy is known for her aggressive and high-damage playstyle. Her signature moves are back and deadlier than ever. For those looking to master Cammy’s fast-paced and powerful character, our comprehensive Cammy guide provides a breakdown of her play moves, combo tips, and more.


Chun-Li, one of the most iconic characters in the Street Fighter franchise, returns to Street Fighter 6. She is an ideal choice for beginners and those new to the series. For those who want to master Chun-Li’s Kung Fu expertise, our character creation guide can provide insights into her diverse moves and stances.

Dee Jay

Dee Jay, a fan-favourite character, is confirmed to be part of the launch roster in Street Fighter 6. Known for his love of music and dance, Dee Jay combines his rhythmic movements with powerful attacks. His energetic playstyle and flashy moves make him an exciting choice for players who enjoy stylish and entertaining combat.


The humble yoga master Dhalsim returns with his extraordinary abilities in Street Fighter 6. His unique stretchy limbs and fire-controlling techniques make him a formidable opponent. Understanding and exploring the game modes can enhance Dhalsim’s playstyle revolving around long-range attacks and zoning strategies. For an in-depth understanding of this, take a look at our comprehensive guide on exploring the game modes in Street Fighter 6.

These are just a few examples of the characters you can expect to see in Street Fighter 6. Each character brings their strengths, weaknesses, and fighting styles to the game, ensuring players a diverse and engaging experience.

The Excitement Continues Beyond Launch

While the launch roster consists of 18 characters, Capcom has plans to expand the roster through post-launch DLC additions. That means more fighters will be introduced to the game over time, adding even more variety and depth to the gameplay.

The Excitement Continues Beyond Launch


Street Fighter 6 is poised to deliver an exhilarating fighting game experience with its diverse and dynamic roster of characters. Whether you prefer aggressive styles or defensive zoning strategies, there is a character for every play style. As you dive into the world of Street Fighter 6, take the time to explore each character’s unique abilities and discover the fighter that resonates with you.


How many characters are in the Street Fighter 6 roster?

The Street Fighter 6 roster features 18 characters at launch, including both new and returning fighters.

Can I customize my fighter in Street Fighter 6? A2

Street Fighter 6 allows you to create your fighter in World Tour mode, with a wide range of customization options.

Are there any iconic characters returning in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, popular characters like Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, and Guile are among the returning fighters in Street Fighter 6.

Are there any new characters in Street Fighter 6?

treet Fighter 6 introduces a brand new group of fighters, including JP, Kimberly, Jamie, Manon, Marisa, Lily, Luke, and Juri.

Can I sign up for the Street Fighter 6 closed beta?

Yes, the Street Fighter 6 closed beta will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam. You can sign up on the official website.

Is there a tier list ranking the characters in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, you can find tier lists that rank the characters based on their effectiveness and performance in competitive play.

Can I perform finishing moves in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, Street Fighter 6 features finishing moves known as Critical Arts that can be unleashed when your character’s health is low and the super meter is full.

How do I activate a Critical Art in Street Fighter 6?

To activate a Critical Art, input the specific button combination for your character’s level 3 super move. The input varies for each character.

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