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Street Fighter 6 Ranks and Ranking System Explained – Leagues, Progress, and LP

Are you ready to step into the world of Street Fighter 6 and test your skills against other players? Street Fighter 6 brings a refreshing new ranking system that ensures fair matchups and provides a clear progression path for players. In this article, we will dive deep into the ranking system of Street Fighter 6, explaining the leagues, progress, and LP (League Points) that make up this exciting system.

Understanding the Ranking System in Street Fighter 6

The ranking system in Street Fighter 6 is designed to organize players into different leagues, ensuring that you are matched against opponents of similar skill levels. This system ensures that the impact on the fighting game community is positive by preventing situations where you are vastly outmatched or overpowered by newer players. Let’s take a closer look at how the ranking system works.

Leagues in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 features eight leagues that represent different skill levels. These leagues are:

Understanding the Ranking System in Street Fighter 6
  1. Rookie
  2. Iron
  3. Bronze
  4. Silver
  5. Gold
  6. Platinum
  7. Diamond
  8. Master

Each league consists of multiple ranks. For example, when you enter the Bronze League, you must progress from Bronze 1 to Bronze 5 before advancing to the Silver League. This segmentation within leagues ensures you are matched against opponents with similar skill levels.

Rank Progression and LP

Your rank in Street Fighter 6 is determined by League Points (LP). These points are won or lost based on your match performance. When you first start your ranked match journey, you will participate in 10 placement matches. These matches are adjusted in difficulty based on your answers regarding your fighting game experience and proficiency.

After completing the placement matches, you will be assigned a starting rank. Your progress from this point onward will depend on the league you fall into:

  • Rookie: You gain bonus LP from win streaks and won’t lose LP on losses.
  • Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold: You gain bonus LP from win streaks and receive one-time rank-down protection, preventing demotion to a lower league.
  • Platinum and Diamond: There is no win streak bonus, and demotion to a lower league is possible. However, you still receive one-time rank-down protection.
  • Master: There is no win streak bonus, and you cannot be demoted from your league.

Individual Ranks for Each Character

In Street Fighter 6, each character on the roster has its rank. That means that you can have different ranks for different characters. This individual ranking system adds depth and allows you to showcase your skills with each character. It also encourages players to delve into the crossplay feature of the game, pushing their abilities to the limit against players on other platforms.

Progressing Through the Ranks

Progressing through the ranks in Street Fighter 6 requires skill, dedication, and perseverance. Winning matches and earning LP is the key to climbing the ranks. Let’s take a look at how the progression works.

Progressing Through the Ranks

Placement Matches

You will enter the placement matches pool when you start playing ranked mode in Street Fighter 6. These matches are designed to determine your skill level and assign you to the most suitable league. The game will match you with various opponents to assess your fighting abilities.

Winning and Losing Streaks

Winning streaks can significantly boost your LP gains in Street Fighter 6. The game rewards you for performing well consistently by providing bonus LP. On the other hand, losing streaks does not result in a lower league demotion until you reach Diamond and Platinum. However, losing matches will lead to the deduction of LP, affecting your overall rank progress.

Challenges at Diamond and Platinum

Reaching the Diamond and Platinum leagues in Street Fighter 6 presents a greater challenge. Successive losses in these leagues can result in demotion to a lower league. Winning streaks no longer contribute to progress to higher ranks and leagues. The competition becomes fiercer, and mastering characters with powerful moves becomes essential to stay competitive against opponents who aim to advance up the ladder.

The Elite Master Rank

When you finally reach the Master rank in Street Fighter 6, you enter the safe zone. Once you achieve the Master rank, you cannot lose this rank. This achievement showcases your skill and knowledge of the game, making you the player others on the ranked board aspire to be.


The ranking system in Street Fighter 6 is designed to provide fair matchups and a clear progression path for players. With eight leagues and multiple ranks within each league, the system ensures that you are matched against opponents of similar skill levels. League Points (LP) determine your rank and winning matches is crucial for climbing the ranks. As you progress, challenges become more demanding, and reaching the prestigious Master’s rank signifies mastery of the game.


How does the ranking system work in Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 has a ranking system with multiple leagues and ranks representing different skill levels. Players earn and lose LP (League Points) based on match performance.

How many leagues are there in Street Fighter 6?

There are 8 leagues in Street Fighter 6: Rookie, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master.

Can I progress through the ranks in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, you can progress through the ranks by winning matches and earning LP. Each league has multiple ranks, and you must reach specific requirements to level up.

Are there penalties for losing matches in Street Fighter 6?

Losing matches in Street Fighter 6 results in a loss of LP, but you won’t be demoted to a lower league until you reach Diamond or Platinum.

What are LP (League Points) in Street Fighter 6?

The LP points system in Street Fighter 6 determines your rank. You earn LP for winning matches and lose LP for losing matches.

Can I have different ranks for different characters in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, each character in Street Fighter 6 has its own rank. Your skill with each character is individually ranked.

Are there win streak bonuses in Street Fighter 6?

Win streak bonuses are available in certain leagues, such as Rookie, Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. They provide additional LP for consecutive wins.

Can I be demoted to a lower league in Street Fighter 6?

In Diamond and Platinum leagues, successive losses can lead to demotion to a lower league. However, you won’t be demoted below your current league.

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