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Street Fighter 6 Kimberly: African-American Ninja Girl from Bushinryu Style

Street Fighter 6, the highly anticipated installment in the iconic fighting game franchise, has introduced an exciting and groundbreaking character: Kimberly, the first female African-American fighter. Trained in the Bushinryu style, Kimberly brings a fresh and unique perspective to the world of Street Fighter. This article delves into Kimberly’s background, abilities, and significance as a representation of diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry.

Introducing Kimberly: The Ninjastar

Kimberly Jackson, also known as the Ninja Star, is a vibrant and spunky African-American girl with boundless energy and enthusiasm. She loves art and all things the ’80s, making her a character with a distinct personality and style. Kimberly stands out with her braided hair, dyed blue tips, and urban-inspired attire, including a headband, ascot, puffer jacket, gloves, capris, and sneakers. She carries a portable cassette player and spray cans, incorporating them creatively into her move set.

A Unique Twist on Bushinryu

As a student of the Bushinryu ninjutsu style, Kimberly combines traditional ninja techniques with her urban twist. Her training under Guy, one of the prominent characters in the Street Fighter series, has shaped her into a formidable fighter. Kimberly’s move set showcases her agility, speed, and adaptability, making her a force to be reckoned with in the ring. To gain a deep understanding of Kimberly’s abilities and how to utilize her unique move set effectively, consider checking out this Street Fighter 6 Finishing Moves and Critical Arts Guide.

A Unique Twist on Bushinryu

Representing African-American Culture and Diversity

Kimberly’s introduction as the first female African-American fighter in Street Fighter’s history is a significant milestone. Capcom, the game’s developer, worked closely with black employees and hired consultants to authentically represent Kimberly’s character and mannerisms. By doing so, Street Fighter 6 promotes diversity and inclusivity in the gaming industry, giving players from all backgrounds a character they can relate to and be inspired by.

Street Fighter 6 Reveal and Community Response

Kimberly’s official debut took place at Evo 2022, a renowned fighting game tournament, where Capcom unveiled her alongside other returning characters. The community’s response to Kimberly has been overwhelmingly positive, with players praising her vibrant personality, unique fighting style, and striking design. To enhance your gameplay experience and master Kimberly’s style, you may find the Street Fighter 6 Strategies and Tips particularly useful.

Kimberly’s Abilities and Moveset

Kimberly’s move set reflects her training in Bushinryu and her personal flair. She possesses a range of techniques that utilize spray cans and her portable cassette player. To master these unique abilities, including understanding the game modes she excels in, this Guide on Exploring the Game Modes in Street Fighter 6 can prove immensely helpful.

Kimberly's Abilities and Moveset

The Impact of Kimberly on Street Fighter 6

Kimberly’s inclusion in Street Fighter 6 demonstrates the franchise’s commitment to evolving and embracing new characters that resonate with a diverse player base. Street Fighter 6 not only expands its roster but also introduces a revamped Ranks and Ranking System, with Kimberly poised to make a mark.


Street Fighter 6’s introduction of Kimberly as the first female African-American fighter in the series marks a significant step forward in representing diversity and inclusion in gaming. Kimberly is poised to become a fan-favorite character with her vibrant personality, unique style, and dynamic move set.

Her presence in Street Fighter 6 highlights the industry’s progress in providing diverse and relatable characters for players worldwide. As the game releases, players eagerly await the opportunity to embody Kimberly’s spunky energy and experience the innovative gameplay she brings to the ring.


Who is Kimberly in Street Fighter 6?

Kimberly is an African-American ninja girl and a new character in Street Fighter 6. She is trained in the Bushinryu style.

What is Kimberly’s background story?

Kimberly had an ordinary upbringing but is a prodigy who graduated college early. She aspires to be a ninja and has a love for ’80s pop culture.

Who is Kimberly’s master?

Kimberly’s master is Guy, who teaches her the Bushinryu ninjutsu style.

What are Kimberly’s special abilities?

Kimberly possesses exceptional combat potential and is skilled in the Bushinryu fighting style. She is agile and proficient in various ninja techniques.

Does Kimberly have any rivals or enemies?

Kimberly seeks answers about her uncle’s whereabouts, who JP killed. She encounters JP on her journey.

What is Kimberly’s appearance like?

Kimberly is an African-American girl with dark brown skin. She has braided hair with blue tips and wears a red puffer jacket, capris, and red sneakers.

What is Kimberly’s personality like?

Kimberly is a spunky and energetic teen with a boundless amount of enthusiasm. She has a love for art and all things ’80s.

Does Kimberly have any unique abilities or weapons?

Kimberly’s unique abilities revolve around her mastery of the Bushinryu style. She is skilled in using various ninja weapons and techniques.

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