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Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim Guide: Move List, Tips & Strategies

If you’re a fan of Street Fighter 6 and looking to master the unique character Dhalsim, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide provides you with an extensive move list, valuable tips, and effective strategies to help you excel with Dhalsim in the game. Dhalsim is a classic fighter known for his ability to stretch his limbs, making him a formidable opponent. Let’s dive into the world of Dhalsim and uncover the secrets of his fighting style.

Dhalsim: The Indian Yoga Master

Dhalsim, the Indian Yoga Master, has been a part of the Street Fighter universe since its early days. With his unconventional yet captivating fighting style, Dhalsim has won the hearts of players around the globe. Thanks to his incredibly long-reaching attacks and versatile fire projectiles, he excels in controlling the space between himself and his opponent. In this context, it’s interesting to consider the impact of Street Fighter 6 on the fighting game community with its diverse and unique characters like Dhalsim.

Move List

When it comes to Dhalsim’s move list, it is packed with unique attacks showcasing his yoga mastery. The list is comprehensive, with everything from Yoga Uppercut to Yoga Flame, each of which demands a specific command to execute. Since mastering Dhalsim involves understanding these commands thoroughly, it would be wise to get a holistic understanding of all the game modes in Street Fighter 6, as different modes could require different strategic uses of these moves. Here are some of Dhalsim’s notable moves:

Move List

Unique Attacks:

  • Yoga Uppercut: Back + Medium Punch – An uppercut move.
  • Yoga Lance: Back + Heavy Punch – A long-range punch that attacks in a diagonal line.
  • Nirvana Punch: Down Back + Heavy Punch – A long-range, low punch that attacks in a straight line.
  • Agile Kick: Down Back + Light Kick – A slide attack.
  • Divine Kick: Back + Medium Kick – A strong middle kick.
  • Thrust Kick: Down Back + Medium Kick – A slide attack.
  • Yoga Mountain: Back + Heavy Kick – A strong kick that hits high.
  • Karma Kick: Down Back + Heavy Kick – A stronger slide attack that causes knockback.
  • Yoga Mummy (In the air): Down + Light Punch – A slow aerial headbutt.
  • Drill Kick (In the air): Down + Light Kick – A slow aerial kick.

Special Moves:

  • Yoga Fire: Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) Punch – A projectile attack that can be charged.
  • Yoga Arch: Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) Kick – A projectile that moves up and down.
  • Yoga Flame: Half Circle Back + (Any) Punch – A close-range fire attack.
  • Yoga Blast: Half Circle Back + (Any) Kick – A close-range upper-fire attack.
  • Yoga Comet (In the air): Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) Punch – An aerial projectile that moves diagonally.
  • Yoga Float: Down + Two Kicks – Dhalsim enters a floating state.

Tips for Playing Dhalsim

Playing as Dhalsim requires skill and practice due to his unique playstyle. Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind when utilizing Dhalsim’s abilities:

Tips for Playing Dhalsim
  1. Master the Range: Dhalsim’s greatest strength lies in his control of space. Use his long-reaching attacks and fire projectiles to maintain distance from your opponent and keep them at bay.
  2. Utilize Yoga Fire: Dhalsim’s Yoga Fire is a versatile projectile that can be charged. Use it to zone your opponent, create pressure, and punish their mistakes.
  3. Exploit Yoga Arch: Yoga Arch is a projectile that moves in an arc, offering different trajectory options. Experiment with its variations to catch opponents off guard and control the battlefield.
  4. Mix Up Your Attacks: Dhalsim’s diverse move set allows him to attack from various angles. Mix up your low, mid, and high attacks to break through your opponent’s defenses and create opportunities for devastating combos.
  5. Master Teleportation: Dhalsim can teleport, which can be a valuable tool for escaping pressure or surprising your opponent. Use it strategically to keep your opponent guessing.
  6. Be Mindful of Defense: Dhalsim’s long-range attacks can make him vulnerable at close range. Pay attention to your opponent’s movements and defend yourself when they close in.
  7. Practice Timing and Precision: Dhalsim’s unique playstyle requires precise timing and execution. Spend time honing your reflexes and mastering the timing of his moves to maximize their effectiveness.

Strategies for Dhalsim

To excel with Dhalsim, you must adopt strategies that suit his playstyle. Here are some effective strategies to consider when playing as Dhalsim:

  1. Maintain Distance: As a long-range fighter, your primary goal is to keep your opponent at a distance. Utilize Dhalsim’s range advantage and fire projectiles to control the space and force your opponent to approach on your terms.
  2. Poke and Pressure: Dhalsim’s long-reaching attacks allow him to poke at his opponent’s health from a safe distance. Combine this with occasional pressure to keep your opponent guessing and create opportunities for damage.
  3. Initiate Offense: While Dhalsim excels in defense and zoning, don’t shy away from initiating offense when the opportunity arises. Use his Medium Punch, Heavy Punch, and Heavy Kick at the start of the fight to establish momentum and deal significant damage.
  4. Surprise with Trickiness: Dhalsim’s ability to quickly alternate between low, mid, and high strikes can catch opponents off guard. Use this trickiness to break through their guard and open windows for devastating specials and combos.
  5. Zone with Precision: Dhalsim’s fireballs and long-range punches are excellent tools for zoning. Use them strategically to prevent your opponents from closing in while steadily draining their health.
Strategies for Dhalsim

To excel with Dhalsim, you must adopt strategies that suit his playstyle. Maintaining distance, poking and pressuring, initiating offense, surprising with trickiness, and zoning with precision are some effective strategies to consider when playing as Dhalsim. For an even deeper dive into Dhalsim’s playstyle and for additional tips, I’d recommend reading through these strategies and tips for Street Fighter 6, which include a variety of tactics you can apply to your gameplay.


Dhalsim is a challenging yet rewarding character in Street Fighter 6. With his unique stretchy limbs and mastery of yoga, he offers a distinct playstyle that requires precision and strategy. You can become a formidable Dhalsim player by mastering his move list, utilizing valuable tips, and implementing effective strategies. Remember to practice, experiment, and adapt your playstyle to outmaneuver your opponents on the battlefield. Embrace the tranquility of Dhalsim’s yoga and embark on a journey of enlightenment in Street Fighter 6!


How do I play Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6?

Playing as Dhalsim requires mastering his long-range attacks and fire projectiles. Check our guide for detailed tips and strategies.

What are some of Dhalsim’s unique attacks in Street Fighter 6?

Dhalsim has unique attacks like Yoga Uppercut, Yoga Lance, Nirvana Punch, Agile Kick, Divine Kick, and more. Refer to our move list for the full details.

Is Dhalsim a difficult character to play in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, Dhalsim is known for being a challenging character to master due to his unique playstyle. However, with practice and our tips, you can become proficient with him.

What are Dhalsim’s special moves in Street Fighter 6?

Dhalsim has special moves like Yoga Fire, Yoga Arch, Yoga Flame, Yoga Blast, Yoga Comet, Yoga Float, and more. Explore our guide for the complete move list.

What is Dhalsim’s character breakdown in Street Fighter 6?

Dhalsim is classified as a tricky character with long-range capabilities. Our guide provides an in-depth breakdown of his playstyle and strengths.

Who is the voice actor for Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6?

Dhalsim is voiced by Keith Silverstein in English and Daisuke Egawa in Japanese in Street Fighter 6.

What are some effective tips for playing Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6?

Our guide offers valuable tips for playing as Dhalsim, including spacing, zoning, using his fire attacks strategically, and more.

What are Dhalsim’s likes and dislikes in Street Fighter 6?

Dhalsim dislikes distractions and harming others while he enjoys meditating. Learn more about his attributes in our guide.

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