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Street Fighter 6 Crossplay: Play with Other Platforms and Enjoy Multiplayer Fun

Street Fighter 6 is the highly anticipated installment in the iconic fighting game franchise developed by Capcom. With its release, players are eager to know whether they can enjoy multiplayer matches with friends on different gaming platforms. In this article, we will explore the crossplay capabilities of Street Fighter 6 and delve into the exciting world of multiplayer fun across various platforms.

Understanding Crossplay in Street Fighter 6

Crossplay refers to the ability to play a game with others on different gaming platforms. It eliminates the barrier of platform exclusivity and allows players to engage in multiplayer matches regardless of whether they own a PlayStation, Xbox, or PC. For fans of Street Fighter, including crossplay in the latest installment is a significant advancement that enhances the overall gaming experience.

Crossplay Availability at Launch

Fortunately, Street Fighter 6 has supported crossplay right from its launch, ensuring that players can connect and compete with friends and rivals across different platforms. Whether you own a PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, or PC, you can jump into a match with players on any of these platforms, provided they enable crossplay functionality. That broadens the pool of potential opponents, making every online session more exciting and engaging.

Crossplay Availability at Launch

Exploring Crossplay Features in Street Fighter 6

Battle Hub Suite: Seamless Online Functionality

Street Fighter 6 introduces the Battle Hub suite, showcasing the game’s seamless online functionality. This feature allows players to easily jump in and out of matches, test out different characters, and challenge their skills against other competitors. The Battle Hub pairs players with opponents across platforms, providing an opportunity to mingle and play games with a diverse range of players. Whether you want to engage in friendly matches or climb the ranks, Street Fighter 6’s crossplay capabilities enhance the multiplayer experience.

Fighting Ground Matches: Crossplay in Action

In addition to the Battle Hub suite, crossplay is also available for Fighting Ground matches in Street Fighter 6. That means whether you prefer casual unranked matches or intense ranked battles, you can engage in cross-platform fights and test your skills against a wider range of opponents. Including crossplay in both the Battle Hub and Fighting Ground matches ensures that players can fully immerse themselves in the game’s multiplayer aspect, creating a vibrant and competitive community.

Exploring Crossplay Features in Street Fighter 6

Customizing Crossplay Preferences

While crossplay opens up a world of exciting multiplayer opportunities, some players may prefer to limit their matchmaking to players on the same platform. Street Fighter 6 acknowledges this preference and allows disabling crossplay easily. By navigating to the Multi Menu, accessing the Options section, and toggling the crossplay setting on or off, players can tailor their online experience to their liking. Disabling crossplay may reduce the pool of potential opponents and slightly increase matchmaking time. Still, it can be a valuable choice for players seeking more efficient matches in terms of connectivity.

Maximizing the Crossplay Experience

It is recommended to prioritize a stable internet connection. Connecting your console or PC via an ethernet cable can provide a consistent and strong connection, minimizing potential lag and input delay during online matches. By optimizing your network setup, you can fully immerse yourself in multiplayer fun and engage in intense battles with players from different platforms.

Maximizing the Crossplay Experience


Street Fighter 6 brings the excitement of multiplayer fighting games to a new level with its crossplay capabilities. Whether you prefer to play with friends or challenge strangers, the inclusion of crossplay across platforms ensures a diverse and dynamic multiplayer experience. With the ability to engage in matches through the Battle Hub suite and Fighting Ground mode, players can test their skills, climb the ranks, and immerse themselves in the thrilling world of Street Fighter 6. So grab your controllers, connect with friends on different platforms, and get ready to unleash your fighting prowess in the ultimate crossplay showdown!


Can I play Street Fighter 6 with friends on different platforms?

Yes, Street Fighter 6 supports crossplay, allowing you to play with friends on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

How do I enable crossplay in Street Fighter 6?

Crossplay is enabled by default in Street Fighter 6. You can verify or change the settings in the Multi-Menu under Options > Game tab.

Can I disable crossplay in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, if you prefer to play exclusively with players on the same platform, you can disable crossplay in the options menu.

Does crossplay affect the matchmaking experience in Street Fighter 6?

Crossplay expands the pool of potential opponents, increasing matchmaking options and providing a more diverse online experience.

What platforms support crossplay in Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 crossplay is available across all platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC

Are there any differences in gameplay or performance between platforms in Street Fighter 6 crossplay?

Response times may vary slightly between platforms, but the game is balanced to provide all players with a fair and enjoyable experience.

Is crossplay available in Street Fighter 6 open beta?

Yes, crossplay is available in the Street Fighter 6 open beta for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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