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Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li: Moves, Combos, and Character Guide

Street Fighter 6 introduces the iconic character Chun-Li, known for her lightning-fast kicks and agile fighting style. As one of the most recognizable figures in the Street Fighter series, mastering Chun-Li can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. This comprehensive guide will explore Chun-Li’s moves, combos, and strategies, empowering you to dominate the competition.

Chun-Li’s Moveset

Chun-Li boasts an extensive move set that caters to offensive and defensive playstyles. Here are some of her key moves:

Chun Li's Moveset

But how does Chun-Li rank amongst the other characters? You can find out by exploring the Street Fighter 6 tier list to see where she stands.

The game’s stunning visuals and graphics greatly contribute to the appeal of Chun-Li’s moves. The developers’ effort to enhance the game’s visuals, especially during character movements, is quite evident. If you’re interested in learning more about the visual improvements, check out this article on enhancing the visuals and graphics of Street Fighter 6.

Normal Attacks

  • Swift Thrust (Forward or Back + Medium Punch): A long-range hit that can catch opponents off guard.
  • Hakkei (Back + Heavy Punch): A powerful strike that inflicts significant damage.
  • Water Lotus Fist (Down Forward + Heavy Punch): An overhead attack that can catch crouching opponents.
  • Yokusen Kick (Forward + Heavy Kick): A strong kick that can push opponents away.
  • Falling Crane (Down Forward + Heavy Kick): A maneuver that allows Chun-Li to quickly switch positions with her opponent.
  • Yoso Kick (In the air, Down + Medium Kick): An aerial kick that can be repeated up to three times.
  • Wall Jump (Near a wall): A technique that enables Chun-Li to perform an additional jump when close to a wall.

Unique Attacks

Chun-Li possesses an array of unique attacks that enhance her offensive capabilities. Some notable ones include:

  • Serenity Stream (Quarter Circle Back + Any Punch): Chun-Li changes her stance, granting access to a new set of moves.
  • Orchid Palm (In Serenity Stream, Light Punch): A low-hitting strike that catches opponents off guard.
  • Snake Strike (In Serenity Stream, Medium Punch): A sliding attack that can lead to follow-up combos.
  • Lotus Fist (In Serenity Stream, Heavy Punch): An overhead strike that can break opponents’ defenses.
  • Forward Strike (In Serenity Stream, Light Kick): A low-hitting move that can lead to devastating combos.
  • Senpu Kick (In Serenity Stream, Medium Kick): A powerful kick that deals significant damage.
  • Tenku Kick (In Serenity Stream, Heavy Kick): A launching move that sets up juggle opportunities.

Special Moves

Chun-Li’s special moves define her playstyle and offer various options in combat. Familiarize yourself with these techniques:

  • Kikoken (Back Charge, Forward + Any Punch): Chun-Li launches a close-range projectile, allowing her to control the horizontal space effectively.
  • Hundred Lightning Kicks (Quarter Circle Forward + Any Kick): A series of fast kicks that can quickly chip away at an opponent’s health.
  • Lightning Kick Barrage (After an OD H): Chun-Li can cancel her Hundred Lightning Kicks into a powerful combo ender by inputting two more kicks.
  • Aerial Hundred Lightning Kicks (Quarter Circle Forward + Any Kick, requires Forward Jump): Similar to the ground version, this move allows Chun-Li to unleash a barrage of kicks while airborne.
  • Spinning Bird Kick (Hold Down, Up + Any Kick): A classic Street Fighter move, the Spinning Bird Kick enables Chun-Li to swiftly close the distance on opponents.
  • Hazanshu (Quarter Circle Back + Any Kick): Chun-Li’s overhead attack is a useful tool for breaking through opponents’ defenses.
  • Tensho Kicks (Down, Down + Any Kick): Chun-Li’s uppercut option that can be used to counter aerial attacks.

These moves are the foundation of Chun-Li’s arsenal, and mastering their execution is crucial to unleashing her full potential.

Combos and Strategies

Mastering combos and implementing effective strategies is essential to maximize Chun-Li’s effectiveness in combat. Here are some tips to enhance your gameplay:

Combos and Strategies
  1. Whiff Punishment: Utilize Chun-Li’s speedy movement to counterattack opponents. Lure them into making mistakes with your footwork, then punish them with leaping attacks like the Spinning Bird Kick.
  2. Aerial Combat: Encourage opponents to go airborne by poking them. Chun-Li’s anti-air moves, such as Tensho Kicks, Soaring Eagle Punches, and Aerial Hundred Lightning Kicks, can devastate opponents in the air and create opportunities for follow-up combos.
  3. Knockdown Pressure: Exploit Chun-Li’s pushback-heavy strikes to maintain pressure on knocked-down opponents. Utilize her dash or Drive Rush to close the gap and capitalize on Okizeme opportunities. However, remember her Drive Gauge, as Chun-Li relies on Overdrive or enhanced moves for her deadliest combos.
  4. Stance Switching: Experiment with Chun-Li’s stances, Falling Crane and Serenity Stream, to confuse opponents. Falling Crane enables a cross-up attack that alters the opponent’s stance direction, while Serenity Stream enhances her main strikes and expands her move set.

By incorporating these strategies and mastering Chun-Li’s combos, you can become a formidable force in Street Fighter 6.

Don’t forget the game’s competitive aspects while exploring Chun-Li’s fighting style. Understanding the capabilities of other characters on the roster is essential, especially if you’re aiming to participate in multiplayer battles. You can learn about these characters, their moves, and more by visiting the Street Fighter 6 characters page.


Chun-Li is a complex yet rewarding character in Street Fighter 6. Her vast array of moves, combos, and strategic options provide a versatile playstyle that suits both offensive and defensive players. By mastering her move set and implementing effective strategies, you can dominate the competition and unleash the full potential of this iconic fighter.


What are Chun-Li’s special moves in Street Fighter 6?

Chun-Li’s special moves include the Spinning Bird Kick, Lightning Legs, and the Hyakuretsukyaku (Lightning Kick).

How do I perform Chun-Li’s Super Combo in Street Fighter 6?

To execute Chun-Li’s Super Combo, input the appropriate command sequence, usually involving quarter-circle and button inputs, along with the necessary super meter.

What are Chun-Li’s V-Skills and V-Triggers in Street Fighter 6?

Chun-Li’s V-Skills are the Rankyaku (a forward-moving kick) and Hazanshu (an overhead attack). Her V-Triggers include Kikosho (an enhanced projectile) and Renkiko (power-up mode).

How can I effectively zone and control space with Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6?

Chun-Li excels at mid-range combat and controlling space. Utilize her normals, such as standing medium kick and crouching heavy punch, along with her fireball game, to keep opponents at bay

What are some advanced combos for Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6?

One example of an advanced combo for Chun-Li is: cr. Medium punch, st. Medium punch, st. Heavy punch xx Hyakuretsukyaku. Experiment with different moves and cancels to maximize damage.

How can I deal with opponents who try to pressure me up close when playing as Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6?

Chun-Li has several options to deal with close-range pressure, such as her EX Spinning Bird Kick as a reversal, her fast light attacks for interrupting, and her throw game to keep opponents guessing.

Is Chun-Li a beginner-friendly character in Street Fighter 6?

Chun-Li is generally considered a more technical character, requiring good execution and knowledge of her move properties. However, beginners can learn and excel with her with practice and dedication.

Can Chun-Li combo into her Critical Art in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, Chun-Li can combo into her Critical Art (Super Combo) from various moves, such as her EX Spinning Bird Kick or specific combos involving her V-Trigger activations.

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