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Street Fighter 6 Characters: Complete Roster Guide

Street Fighter 6, the highly anticipated fighting game from Capcom, features a diverse and exciting roster of characters for players to choose from. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or new to the world of Street Fighter, this comprehensive roster guide will provide you with all the information you need about the characters in Street Fighter 6.

Introduction to Street Fighter 6 Characters

At the launch of Street Fighter 6, there were 18 characters available for players to select. This roster includes a mix of returning fighters from previous games in the series and a fresh batch of up-and-coming challengers. Capcom has put great effort into designing characters with unique playstyles and abilities, ensuring each fighter offers a distinct experience.

Confirmed Characters in Street Fighter 6

Here is a list of the officially confirmed characters in Street Fighter 6:

  1. Blanka
  2. Cammy
  3. Chun-Li
  4. Dee Jay
  5. Dhalsim
  6. E. Honda
  7. Guile
  8. Juri
  9. Ken
  10. Kimberly
  11. Lily
  12. Luke
  13. Manon
  14. Marisa
  15. Ryu
  16. Zangief
Confirmed Characters in Street Fighter 6

Please note that this list is based on official announcements by Capcom and may not include any leaked or unconfirmed characters. The roster may expand with DLC additions after the game’s launch.

A Closer Look at Select Characters


Blanka, a beloved World Warrior from Street Fighter II, returns to Street Fighter 6. Known for his rolling attacks and electric charge, Blanka has received several enhancements, making him deadlier than ever. With new gimmicks and improved rolling abilities, he can swiftly navigate the screen and close the distance between himself and his opponents.

Blanka is a charge character, meaning some of his special moves require charging before execution. While he lacks a projectile, his various rolling attacks can be unleashed in multiple directions, providing excellent offensive options.

For more detailed information about Blanka’s move list and tips to master his playstyle, check out our comprehensive Blanka character guide.


Originally introduced in Super Street Fighter II, Cammy returns as a fierce and agile fighter in Street Fighter 6. Her iconic Cannon Spike and Spiral Arrow moves to make a comeback, retaining their devastating power.

Cammy is an excellent choice if you prefer aggressive and high-damage characters that rely on a few potent moves. She possesses exceptional speed and offers exciting possibilities for mixing up her moves during battles.

Refer to our detailed Cammy character guide to delve deeper into Cammy’s move list and discover strategies to maximize her potential.


Chun-Li, one of the most recognizable characters in the Street Fighter franchise, joins the Street Fighter 6 roster. This former Interpol agent seeks justice for her father, who M. Bison killed. In Street Fighter 6, she has retired from fighting crime and now focuses on teaching Kung Fu classes.

Chun-Li is an ideal character for beginners and those new to the series, thanks to her accessible playstyle. She possesses unique stances and a wide array of versatile attacks that cater to different situations.

A Closer Look at Select Characters


Street Fighter 6 introduces an exciting cast of characters, combining fan favourites with fresh faces. Each character offers a unique playstyle and abilities, allowing players to find a fighter that suits their preferences. Blanka, Cammy, and Chun-Li are just a few examples of the diverse roster that awaits you in Street Fighter 6.

To further explore the complete character roster and gain in-depth knowledge about each fighter, be sure to refer to reputable gaming websites and forums that provide detailed character guides.


How many characters are there in Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 features a launch roster of 18 characters, including both new and returning fighters.

Are all the iconic characters from previous games included in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, many iconic characters like Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Cammy make a return in Street Fighter 6 alongside new challengers.

Can I customize my fighter in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, in the World Tour mode, you can create your fighter with a wide range of customization options.

Where can I find a comprehensive guide for each Street Fighter 6 character?

You can find detailed character guides for each SF6 character on reputable gaming websites or forums.

Which characters are considered the best in Street Fighter 6?

The strength and playstyle of characters vary, but you can find tier lists ranking the best characters in Street Fighter 6 based on their performance.

Are there any new gameplay mechanics introduced in Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 introduces new mechanics and features to enhance the gameplay experience, such as the World Tour mode and Master Actions.

Can I participate in the closed beta for Street Fighter 6?

Yes, a closed beta is scheduled for Street Fighter 6, and you can sign up on the official website to participate.

Which platforms is Street Fighter 6 available on?

Street Fighter 6 is available on platforms such as PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and more.

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