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Street Fighter 6 Cammy Guide: Play, Move List, Combos, Tips & More

Street Fighter 6, the highly anticipated fighting game from Capcom, features a roster of beloved characters, including the iconic Cammy White. Cammy, known for her agile combat style and compelling backstory, returns to Street Fighter 6 to take on new challenges. Her character exploration will include understanding her age, appearances, and signature moves, just like we did in our overview of Guile in Street Fighter 6.

Cammy’s Age in Street Fighter 6

While Cammy’s specific age in Street Fighter 6 has not been officially disclosed, her depiction usually places her in her early to mid-20s. She’s a distinguished member of the British special forces unit Delta Red, much like Ryu’s revered position, whose journey we detailed in our article exploring Ryu’s age and combat techniques in Street Fighter 6.

Cammy's Age in Street Fighter 6

Cammy’s Appearance in Street Fighter 6

Consistent with her established design in previous iterations, Cammy maintains her recognizable look in Street Fighter 6. Her outfit of choice, a leotard, highlights her agility and mobility, making her a force to be reckoned with during intense battles. Her appearance is a testament to her commitment to combat, much like the Brazilian fighter Blanka, whose unique appearance and combat style are worth exploring.

Cammy's Appearance in Street Fighter 6

Cammy’s Moves and Fighting Style

Cammy’s fighting style focuses on her quick strikes, acrobatic maneuvers, and mastery of martial arts techniques. Her special moves, such as the Spiral Arrow and Cannon Spike, offer her control over the battle tempo. However, Cammy, like all characters, may evolve as the game progresses through updates and balancing adjustments, and there might be hidden moves and easter eggs to discover.

Cammy's Moves and Fighting Style

Cammy’s Presence in Street Fighter 6

Rest assured, Cammy White is indeed included in the roster of playable characters in Street Fighter 6. Cammy has garnered a significant fan following as one of the franchise’s most beloved and enduring characters. Her return to Street Fighter 6 allows players to once again experience her dynamic fighting style and engage in thrilling battles.

Cammy's Presence in Street Fighter 6


In Street Fighter 6, Cammy White continues captivating fans with her ageless fighting spirit and remarkable skills. While her exact age remains undisclosed, Cammy’s appearance and move set exemplify her combat prowess. As players immerse themselves in the highly anticipated Street Fighter 6, they can look forward to selecting Cammy and mastering her swift and lethal techniques on their journey to victory.


How do I play Cammy in Street Fighter 6?

To play Cammy in Street Fighter 6, utilize her quick jabs and kicks, leverage her agility, and avoid punishment traps. Our guide provides detailed strategies and tips.

What are some strategies for playing Cammy?

Cammy’s ideal strategy involves a rapid approach with brief startup combinations, ending in knockdowns. Maintaining her speed and movement is important while avoiding risky all-out gameplay.

What moves does Cammy have in Street Fighter 6?

Cammy has a diverse move set, including Lift Uppercut, Delayed Ripper, Assault Blade, Lift Combination, Swing Combination, Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike, Quick Spin Knuckle, and more.

How can I counter Cammy in Street Fighter 6?

To counter Cammy, focus on defending against her fast-paced gameplay and punishing her risky moves. Learn to anticipate her feints and exploit her vulnerabilities.

What are some essential combos for Cammy in Street Fighter 6?

Cammy has various combo possibilities, such as linking her normal attacks into specials like Spiral Arrow or Cannon Spike. Our guide provides detailed combo suggestions.

Can I use Cammy’s agility to my advantage?

Yes, Cammy’s agility is one of her key strengths. Utilize her dash, fast walks, and footwork to keep opponents guessing and create openings for attacks.

How can I minimize the risk when playing as Cammy?

Feinting with Cammy’s Silent Step and using moves with on-block frame advantage, like Crouching Heavy Punch or Heavy Quick Spin Knuckle, can reduce the risk of punishment.

What platforms is Street Fighter 6 available on?

Street Fighter 6 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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