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Ravenbound Game Review – A Fast-Paced Roguelite with Kinetic Combat

Ravenbound is an action-packed, challenging game developed by Systemic Reaction – an Avalanche Studios studio. It takes players on an epic journey through Avalt, as one of the six gods, the Ellri, has covered this land in a thick black goo of hatred. Action gamers will love Ravenbound for its fast-paced combat and beautiful environments.

The Combat System

Ravenbound’s primary feature is combat. It can be challenging and fast, with enemies attacking at breakneck speed. Players must stay focused and kinetic to stay alive during a fight. Dodging and blocking are two crucial skills for survival; when executed correctly, sliding evasion maneuvers infuse characters with a frenzy while giving them a slight damage boost. Doing this correctly places them inside an energy bubble that can withstand several hits before bursting.

Roguelite System

Ravenbound has a rogue-lite system which works well but can cause some issues. Due to random mana generation and the requirement to unlock cards with greater power, early runs may prove challenging as players struggle to accumulate enough mana for decent cards. Clearing a Ravenbound camp offers you two rewards.

Collect card fragments from fallen enemies and unlock the chest your foes guarded. Both options will give you the same reward: the chance to choose one of three cards in your warrior’s deck. These cards can enhance weapon and armor performance or provide specific status effects like a 75% bonus on weapon damage or a more durable shield bubble.

Open World Element

One of Ravenbound’s standout features is its open-world element. As you explore and clear enemy camps, you can unlock new cards. Your character’s legacy also increases through exploration; you can use this currency to purchase different character types like deer-men or wolfmen, and weapons like longswords and great axes. Avalt’s biomes, including forests, deserts, and snowy landscapes, enhance the exploration process. To delve deeper into why Ravenbound needs an internet connection even for a single-player mode, you can explore this detailed analysis.

Ravenbound Gameplay

Ravenbound’s combat system is fast-paced yet challenging. As you are facing multiple enemies at once, battles require quick reflexes to stay alive. The combat is kept exciting with the addition of dodging and blocking for added excitement.

Ravenbound Gameplay

The progression system rewards those who demonstrate skill and hard work. As they advance, they unlock new cards and can improve their characters’ stats. Unfortunately, as you upgrade your character, the game’s difficulty increases; therefore, players must adjust accordingly and continue honing their strategy.

Sound and Graphics

Ravenbound stands out with its breathtaking graphics. Beautiful environments and impressive visual effects create an engaging world, while the sound design also impresses with an atmospheric and dynamic soundtrack that enhances your gaming experience.

Limitations and Issues

Despite its strengths, Ravenbound has its limitations. The expansive world often feels underutilized, with enemy camps occupying most of the real estate, leaving little room for exploration or narrative context. Settlements offer basic vendors, while one quest giver provides all other rewards. For a closer look at the issues with Ravenbound’s always-online requirement, you might want to read this insightful article.

Critics’ Reviews

Ravenbound has received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised its unique combat system and stunning visuals, others lamented its lack of depth or repetitive gameplay in open-world exploration. Despite these reservations, Ravenbound still has a passionate fan base who enjoys its thrilling yet challenging gameplay.

Bugs and Glitches in Ravenbound

Ravenbound is not without its share of bugs and glitches. Some players reported audio issues and enemy AI issues; these were quickly addressed by the developers via regular updates and patches to fix them. Furthermore, players themselves came up with several solutions to these problems in-game.

Resemblances to Other Games

Ravenbound draws inspiration from many games from the action and RPG genres. Its combat system mirrors that of Bloodborne or Dark Souls, while its progression system draws from Darkest Dungeon and Slay the Spire. Furthermore, Ravenbound’s open-world exploration harkens back to titles like Assassin’s Creed or The Elder Scrolls series.

Ravenbound System Requirements

In order to fully enjoy Ravenbound, players must ensure their systems meet these minimum requirements:

OS: Windows 10

Processor: Intel Core i5-6500 or AMD FX-6300

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics Card(es): Nvidia GeForce 960 or AMD Radeon 380

Storage Space Available: 20 GB


Will Ravenbound offer co-op in the future?

No official announcement has been made regarding co-op in Ravenbound yet.

Will Ravenbound offer a photo mode?

Unfortunately, there have been no announcements regarding a photo mode for Ravenbound.

In Ravenbound, why is a third-party account necessary?

Ravenbound’s 3rd-party account requirement allows players to connect their game progress and data with an external platform, enabling them to access game settings across multiple devices as well as take advantage of social features.

Third-party accounts also offer additional security for players’ data and accounts. Though some might find creating a third-party account annoying, this practice has become standard practice in modern games and offers numerous advantages for gamers.

What is the Ravenbound roadmap?

Ravenbound has a roadmap. Developers have been busy working on numerous updates and improvements for the game, sharing their plans with the community. Recently they announced they were working on a patch that will include new content, including enemies, cards, and biomes. This update will launch shortly after release!

The developers stated that they are continuously working to enhance the game’s performance, eliminate bugs, and address player requests. Furthermore, they stated they plan to add more content, such as new game modes, weapons, armor, and playable characters, in the near future.

Ravenbound’s roadmap demonstrates their dedication to improving the game and welcoming player feedback. This indicates they have a clear vision for it and are dedicated to making it the best it can be. Being part of Ravenbound at this time offers members plenty of exciting new content!

How is luck connected to Ravenbound?

Luck plays an integral role in the game of Hearthstone. It affects drop rates and increases your chances of getting better cards from enemy dropped cards, increasing your likelihood of obtaining legendary or rare cards if you have more luck. Therefore, having a high-luck stat can help you obtain the best cards.

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