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Miquella in Elden Ring: Lore, Needle, and Empyrean Status”

Miquella is one of the most intriguing characters in Elden Ring. Cursed to remain forever young, he created the Haligtree as an Empyrean to allow himself to grow older and purge Malenia of its rot. Miquella’s Needle is a Consumable Item within Elden Ring; in this article, we’ll explore his lore, its significance, and what status Miquella holds as an Empyrean.

The Empyreans

The Empyreans are a group of powerful beings in Elden Ring. Some revere them as gods, while others fear them as demons. They created the world and imbued it with their power; there are five total Empyreans, each possessing unique abilities and traits. Miquella is one such Empyrean.

The Empyreans

Miquella’s Lore

Miquella is the brother of Malenia, another Empyrean. He was cursed with being forever young and created the Haligtree as a way of growing older and purging Malenia of its rot after realizing that even with help from the Golden Order, they couldn’t cure her of it.

Miquella’s Needle

Miquella’s Needle is a consumable item in Elden Ring. It is a tiny needle that can pierce the skin of enemies, dealing moderate damage, but its true power lies in its ability to restore health to the user. Most Consumables in Elden Ring grant various effects, such as restorative properties for recovering HP, eliminating specific negative status effects, or applying temporary buffs and debuffs, while some can even be thrown at enemies to deal damage.

Miquella's Needle

The Needle is a highly sought-after item in Elden Ring, said to cure any illness or injury. To obtain it, players must complete the Millicent questline – one of Elden Ring’s longest and most complex quests. With locations throughout the Lands Between, players will eventually find their way toward Miquella’s Needle as its ultimate reward.

Empyrean Status

Miquella is one of the five Empyreans in Elden Ring and possesses an array of powerful abilities and traits. His creation of Haligtree and purging Malenia of rot speak to his immense power and influence – which have drawn both admiration and fear alike. He stands as a beacon for peace in Malenia while inspiring admiration in equal measures.

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Miquella is one of Elden Ring’s most captivating characters. His Empyrean status and ability to sculpt Haligtree and purge Malenia of rot make him a powerful and influential figure within the game world. His Needle is highly sought-after in Millicent’s questline, making completing it no small feat. We hope this article has given you more insight into Miquella’s lore, Needle, and Empyrean status.


Where is Miquella of the Elden Ring?

The exact location of Miquella in Elden Ring is unknown at this time. However, based on information from the game’s lore, it is believed that Miquella may be in Mohgwyn Palace.

Why is Miquella in an egg?

It is not entirely clear why Miquella is in an egg. However, it is believed that the egg may be related to the character’s empyrean status.

Is Miquella a god?

Miquella is not explicitly described as a god in Elden Ring’s lore. However, the character’s empyrean status suggests that Miquella is a powerful being.

Why does Mohg want Miquella?

Mohg wants Miquella to become a god and serve as his lord consort, allowing him to rule the lands between. Mohg believes that by making blood offerings, he can raise Miquella to godhood. However, it is unclear why Mohg specifically wants Miquella for this purpose.

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