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Marisa in Street Fighter 6: Character Guide, Moves, and Gameplay

In the highly anticipated game Street Fighter 6, Marisa is a charismatic gladiator who joins the roster of new characters. With her powerful armor attacks, Marisa proves to be one of the strongest fighters in the game. Although she may not excel in aerial combat or possess great speed, her ground game and devastating combinations make her a formidable opponent. This comprehensive character guide will provide Marisa’s move list, special moves, alternate costumes, and valuable tips and tricks to master her play style.

Marisa: The Italian Fighter

An Italian designer and high-spirited warrior, Marisa lives for battles and the thrill of facing stronger opponents. Standing at an intimidating height, Marisa possesses deadly moves that can be charged and others that come with armor. While she may not possess the swiftness of some other characters on the roster, her ground game is where she truly shines. Marisa can deal massive damage with specific combinations, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Marisa The Italian Fighter

Move List

Marisa’s move list comprises a diverse range of powerful punches, notable kicks, and a parry stance that can quickly transition into an offensive approach. You can dive deeper into her techniques and variations in Street Fighter 6 Strategies and Tips, where you’ll find more detailed explanations of each move and how to best utilize them. Let’s explore Marisa’s move list and special attacks:

Unique Attacks

  • Marisa Style: Holding Heavy Punch or Heavy Kick increases the power of heavy attacks.
  • Light Two Hitter: Execute two consecutive Light Punches for a quick two-hit combo.
  • Medium Two Hitter: Perform two Medium Punches for a two-hit combo.
  • Heavy Two Hitter: Execute two Heavy Punches consecutively for a powerful two-hit combo.
  • Volare Combo: In the air, use Medium Punch twice for a two-hit combo.
  • Caelum Arc: In a neutral jump, press Down + Heavy Punch to execute an aerial punch with a wide range.
  • Magna Bunker: Press Back + Heavy Punch to deliver a strong attack.
  • Novacula Swipe: Execute Forward + Medium Punch, Heavy Punch for a two-hit combo that ends with a low attack.
  • Novacula Thrust: Perform Forward + Medium Punch, Heavy Kick for a two-hit combo that ends with a high attack.
  • Malleus Breaker: Execute Down Forward + Heavy Punch, Down Forward + Heavy Punch for a two-hit combo with overhead attacks.
  • Falx Crusher: Press Forward + Heavy Kick twice for a two-hit combo.

Special Moves

  • Gladius: Perform a Quarter Circle Forward motion followed by any punch button to execute a strong punch. Holding down the punch button charges the attack.
  • Dimachaerus: Execute a Quarter Circle Back motion followed by any punch button, then press Forward + any punch button for an uppercut with a finishing move.
  • Phalanx: Perform a Dragon Punch motion followed by any punch button to execute an overhead attack.
  • Quadriga: Execute a Quarter Circle Forward motion followed by any kick button to deliver a strong kick.
  • Scutum: Perform a Quarter Circle Back motion followed by any kick button to activate a parry stance. Holding down the kick button extends the stance.
  • Tonitrus: After executing Scutum, press any punch button twice for a two-hit attack.
Move List

Gameplay and Strategy

Marisa’s fighting style revolves around Pankration, an unarmed combat sport introduced in the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC. Her move set draws inspiration from the styles of Gill and Urien. Marisa’s strengths lie in her size, range on normal attacks, and the super armor she possesses. Her moves can power through incoming attacks, forcing opponents to be cautious about their approach.

One of Marisa’s notable features is her ability to charge all her grounded, heavy normal attacks. Charging these attacks increases their damage and grants Marisa frame an advantage, making them safe or advantaged on the block. This aspect enhances her close-range pressure game, allowing her to dominate opponents up close.

To play Marisa effectively, consider the following tips:

  1. Master Charging Attacks: Learn to charge Marisa’s heavy attacks to maximize their damage potential and create opportunities for devastating combos.
  2. Utilize Armor Attacks: Use Marisa’s armor attacks to power through your opponent’s incoming strikes, maintaining offensive pressure and creating openings for counterattacks.
  3. Exploit Close-Range Combat: Focus on dominating the close-range game, where Marisa excels. Utilize her powerful punches and kicks to overwhelm opponents with devastating combinations.
  4. Mix-Up High and Low Attacks: Incorporate a mix of high and low attacks to keep opponents guessing and break their defenses. Marisa’s Novacula Swipe and Novacula Thrust are effective tools for this purpose.
  5. Adapt with Scutum’s Parry Stance: Master the timing of Marisa’s Scutum Parry stance. Use it to counter opponent’s attacks, create openings, and maintain match control.
Gameplay and Strategy

Exploring the game modes can also help you understand where Marisa’s skills can be best utilized. For this, you can check out Game Modes in Street Fighter 6.

Hidden Moves and Easter Eggs

Apart from the standard move list, Marisa has hidden moves that you can use to surprise your opponents. Learn about these hidden techniques and other easter eggs by visiting Uncovering Hidden Moves and Easter Eggs in Street Fighter 6.


Additionally, Street Fighter 6 supports crossplay, allowing you to compete with friends and fighters from all around the globe, regardless of their gaming platform. For more information on how this works, refer to the Street Fighter 6 Crossplay guide.


Marisa, the charismatic gladiator, brings a unique playstyle to Street Fighter 6. Her powerful armor attacks, charging abilities, and close-range dominance make her a formidable character in the game. You can become a formidable Marisa player by mastering her move list, utilizing her special moves, and implementing effective strategies. Embrace the power of Pankration and dominate the competition in Street Fighter 6 with Marisa!


How do I unlock Marisa in Street Fighter 6?

Marisa is one of the new characters in Street Fighter 6 and should be available from the start of the game. No specific unlock requirements are known.

What is Marisa’s fighting style in Street Fighter 6?

Marisa is a charismatic gladiator with a focus on heavy attacks and armored moves. She excels at close-range combat and dealing high damage.

Can Marisa charge her attacks in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, Marisa can charge certain attacks to increase their damage and gain armor properties. That allows her to unleash powerful strikes and maintain offensive pressure.

Are any special moves unique to Marisa in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, Marisa has special moves such as Gladius, Dimachaerus, Phalanx, Quadriga, Scutum, and more. Each move offers different properties and can be utilized in various situations.

Is Marisa a beginner-friendly character in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, Marisa’s straightforward game plan and simple mechanics make her suitable for both beginners and experienced players. She has a mix of powerful attacks and easy-to-understand strategies.

What are some essential tips for playing Marisa in Street Fighter 6?

Focus on charging your attacks for increased damage, utilize Phalanx to approach opponents, adapt to situations with Scutum’s parry stance, and exploit Marisa’s strengths in close-range combat.

Can Marisa be effective against long-range fighters in Street Fighter 6?

Marisa’s strength lies in close-range combat, so she may face challenges against opponents with strong long-range attacks. However, her armored moves and powerful strikes can help close the distance and overcome those weaknesses.

What is the backstory of Marisa in Street Fighter 6?

Marisa is a passionate warrior with Greek heritage, knowledgeable about ancient history and combat styles. She seeks battles to find stronger opponents and follows a code of sportsmanship.

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