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Manon The French Judoka Ballet Dancer in Street Fighter 6

Manon Legrand, the Judoka Ballet Dancer, is a captivating new character in the Street Fighter 6 game. With her unique blend of judo skills and ballet grace, Manon brings a fresh and dynamic fighting style to the roster. This article explores Manon’s biography, appearance, personality, and gameplay mechanics, providing an in-depth look at this exciting addition to the Street Fighter universe.


Manon Legrand is a French judoka fighter who is a talented ballet dancer and model. She excelled in various sports and achieved numerous accomplishments from a young age. However, her journey wasn’t without its challenges. Raised with the belief that her strength would make her “just fine” without her mother, Manon developed a somewhat aloof and indifferent demeanor, even though deep down, she despised being labeled solely as a “strong” person. Her encounter with Marisa, a fellow fighter, marked a turning point in Manon’s perspective, inspiring her to strive for self-improvement beyond physical prowess.


Manon Legrand is a striking figure with short light pink hair styled in a hime-cut with longer fringes on each side, reminiscent of a swan. She dons a royal blue singlet adorned with red, white, and blue streaks, featuring cutouts around her torso and hips. A gold medal with abstract figures is embedded on her collar, symbolizing her achievements. Over the singlet, Manon wears a white gi with turquoise trim, rolling up the sleeves and tying the waist with a black judo belt. Her blue footguards and wristbands sport white stripes, complementing her overall look. Notably, her nails are painted to resemble the French flag.



Manon is a romantic character who relentlessly pursues self-improvement in her quest for beauty. She enjoys street fighting and aspires to become the world’s strongest model by combining her fighting skills with her modeling career. Alongside her idealism, Manon exhibits traits of snobbishness and haughtiness. Similar to characters like Karin Kanzuki and Cody, she relishes the opportunity to face formidable opponents. However, she strongly disdains individuals with hidden evil agendas, such as JP. Manon’s complex personality results from her family experiences and the pressure to live up to her perceived strength. This complexity greatly adds to the impact of Street Fighter 6 on the fighting game community.


Gameplay Mechanics

In Street Fighter 6, Manon showcases a unique fighting style combining judo and ballet elements. Her lightning-fast footwork and long-reach grapples make her a formidable opponent. To defeat Manon, players should adopt a strategy that focuses on offensive tactics, keeping the pressure on her and not allowing her to dictate the match’s pace. It’s crucial to anticipate and counter her command-grab attacks while utilizing defensive moves to withstand her relentless assaults. Characters with long-range attacks, like Ryu and Chun-Li, can disrupt Manon’s attempts to close the distance. When facing this skilled French fighter, patience, concentration, and adaptability are key. A deep understanding of the game modes in Street Fighter 6 can also be advantageous.

Gameplay Mechanics


Manon Legrand, the French Judoka Ballet Dancer, brings a fresh and captivating fighting style to Street Fighter 6. Her combination of judo skills and ballet grace embodies a unique blend of strength and elegance. Her complex personality and personal journey add depth to her character, making her a compelling addition to the Street Fighter universe. Mastering Manon’s gameplay mechanics requires strategic offensive tactics, anticipating her grab attacks, and utilizing defensive maneuvers. Prepare to experience the excitement and challenge of battling with Manon in Street Fighter 6, where crossplay also enriches the competitive scene.


Who is Manon in Street Fighter 6?

Manon is a new character introduced in Street Fighter 6. She is a French judoka fighter, ballet dancer, and model.

What is Manon’s fighting style?

Manon combines her judo skills with graceful ballet movements, creating a unique and elegant fighting style in Street Fighter 6.

What is Manon’s personality like?

Manon is depicted as a romantic character who seeks self-improvement and beauty. She enjoys street fighting and aims to become the world’s strongest model.

What is the appearance of Manon in Street Fighter 6?

Manon has short light pink hair with hime-cut bangs and wears a royal blue singlet with a white gi. She has a gold medal on her collar and matching blue footguards and wristbands.

Does Manon have any special abilities or moves?

As a judoka, Manon utilizes throws, grapples, and judo techniques in her fighting style. She combines them with her agility and ballet-inspired movements to create devastating combos.

What are Manon’s likes and dislikes?

Manon dislikes crowds and chatterboxes but loves the color gold, cosmetics, and her family.

What is Manon’s voice actress in Street Fighter 6?

Manon is voiced by Cherami Leigh in Street Fighter 6.

Does Manon have a specific rivalry or story arc in the game?

While specific rivalries and story arcs may vary, Manon’s arcade story focuses on her family problems and her journey to self-improvement and self-acceptance.

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