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Lost Ark Pet System: Evolution and Combat Pets Guide

In Lost Ark, the pet system adds a new dimension to your adventure. Pets not only provide companionship but also offer various benefits in combat. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the ins and outs of the Lost Ark pet system, including pet evolution and combat pets. 

Introduction to the Lost Ark Pet System

The pet system in Lost Ark offers players the opportunity to acquire loyal companions who not only accompany them on their journey but also provide valuable assistance in various aspects of gameplay. From combat support to convenience features, pets play an integral role in enhancing the overall experience.

Introduction to the Lost Ark Pet System

Obtaining Pets in Lost Ark

There are several ways to obtain pets in Lost Ark:

  • Early-game Quest: Completing the “Learning About Pets” quest rewards all players with a free Epic-quality pet.
  • In-game Events: Participate in special events to earn pets as rewards.
  • Lost Ark’s Cash Shop: The game’s cash shop offers a variety of pets for purchase.
  • Founder Packs: Exclusive pets are included in certain Founder Packs.

Pet Evolution and Growth

Pets in Lost Ark have the ability to evolve and grow stronger. By investing time and resources, you can increase their stats and unlock new abilities. The evolution process involves various stages and may require specific items or quests. As your pet evolves, it becomes more formidable and gains additional skills to aid you in combat.

Pet Evolution and Growth

Pet Functions and Features

Lost Ark’s pets offer a range of functions and features to assist players. These include:

  • Remote Access: Pets allow you to access features typically found in towns, such as remote storage, market access, mail services, repair facilities, and gem access.
  • Extra Inventory Space: Pets provide additional inventory space, allowing you to carry more items during your adventures.
  • Quality of Life Features: While not essential, pets offer convenient quality-of-life features that can be helpful in various situations.

Combat Pets in Lost Ark

Combat pets are a unique aspect of the Lost Ark pet system. These pets actively participate in battles, supporting you with their unique abilities and skills. They can attack enemies, provide buffs, and even unleash powerful special attacks. Each combat pet has its own strengths and playstyle, offering players a diverse range of options.

Combat Pets in Lost Ark

Enhancing Your Combat Pets

You can enhance your combat pets through various means to make the most of your combat pets. This includes leveling them up, equipping them with pet gear, and unlocking new abilities as they gain experience. By investing in your combat pets, you can significantly bolster their effectiveness in combat.

Enhancing Your Combat Pets

Maximizing Pet Effect and Crystalline Aura

Pets in Lost Ark have two significant features: Pet Effect and Crystalline Aura. These effects provide defensive and offensive buffs to your character. Initially assigned randomly, you can change these effects for free at the Pet Management NPC in major cities. Choosing the right combination of effects can greatly enhance your combat capabilities.

Pet Management and Customization

Lost Ark provides various options for managing and customizing your pets. You can access the Pet Management interface to view and organize your pets, equip them with gear, and customize their appearance. Additionally, you can interact with your pets, build a bond with them, and learn more about their personalities.

Pet Management and Customization

Tips and Strategies for Pet Mastery

To master the Lost Ark pet system, here are some useful tips and strategies:

  • Experiment with Different Pets: Each pet has unique abilities and strengths. Try out different pets to find the ones that best complement your playstyle.
  • Invest in Pet Evolution: Evolving your pets unlocks their full potential. Dedicate time and resources to evolve your pets and maximize their effectiveness.
  • Coordinate with Party Members: Communicate with your party members to ensure optimal synergy between your combat pets and their skills.
Tips and Strategies for Pet Mastery

In addition to the pet system, Lost Ark’s rich lore and character history offer a deeper understanding of the game’s narrative, as outlined in this character lore guide. The game’s crafting professions are also worth exploring, allowing you to craft various items and enhance your gameplay experience. Finally, check out this guide to discover hidden locations and rare items in Lost Ark, further enriching your adventure.


The Lost Ark pet system adds depth and excitement to your adventure. From the joy of acquiring new pets to the strategic utilization of combat pets, pets become indispensable companions on your quest. Make the most of the pet system by exploring pet evolution, maximizing its functions, and mastering combat with your loyal companions by your side.

With this comprehensive guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge to navigate the Lost Ark pet system. Embark on your journey with confidence and forge unbreakable bonds with your furry and feathery allies.


How do you evolve pets in Lost Ark?

To evolve pets in Lost Ark, follow these steps:
Unlock the Pet Ranch located in Stronghold.
Visit the Pet Ranch and upgrade your pets to higher qualities, such as from Rare to Epic or Epic to Legendary.
Gather the required evolution materials through quests, in-game events, and activities.
Interact with the Pet Ranch NPC to initiate the evolution process by providing the necessary materials.
After the evolution, your pet will become more powerful with increased stats, new abilities, and improved performance in combat.

How do you get better pets in Lost Ark?

You can obtain better pets in Lost Ark through various methods:
Early-Game Quest: Complete the “Learning About Pets” quest to obtain a free Epic-quality pet.
In-Game Events: Participate in special events where pets are offered as rewards.
Lost Ark’s Cash Shop: Explore the cash shop to purchase different pets.
Founder Packs: Exclusive pets are included in certain Founder Packs.

Are pets worth it in Lost Ark?

Yes, pets are worth it in Lost Ark as they offer several advantages:
Combat Support: Pets assist in battles by attacking enemies, providing buffs, and using special abilities.
Convenience Features: Pets grant access to remote storage, market services, mail systems, repair facilities, and additional inventory space.
Quality of Life Improvements: Pets enhance gameplay convenience and make certain tasks easier.

How do pet skills work in Lost Ark?

Pet skills in Lost Ark provide buffs and abilities to aid you in combat. Legendary quality pets have access to pet skills, which are randomly assigned upon upgrading. Each skill has three possible buffs that activate approximately every three minutes while the pet is summoned. You can change the pet skill at the Achatemeow NPC for 20 Blue Crystals.

What is the best legendary pet skill for the Berserker class?

The best legendary pet skill for the Berserker class in Lost Ark depends on personal preference and playstyle. Some commonly recommended skills for Berserkers include Bloodlust (enhances damage output), Frenzy (boosts attack speed), and Savage Roar (increases damage against specific enemy types). Experiment with different skills to find the one that complements your build and play style.

What is the pet key bind in Lost Ark?

The default key bind for accessing the pet menu in Lost Ark is the “P” key. Pressing “P” opens the pet menu, where you can manage your pets, access their functions, and make changes to their settings.

How do you get a free pet in Lost Ark?

You can obtain a free pet in Lost Ark by completing the “Learning About Pets” quest. Visit the Working Achat Meow NPC located at the center of Prideholme to start the quest. Follow the instructions and complete the objectives to receive your free Epic-quality pet.

How do you use the pet farm in Lost Ark?

The pet farm, known as the Pet Ranch, is where you can upgrade and evolve your pets. Follow these steps to use the pet farm:
Locate the Pet Ranch in the Stronghold.
Interact with the Pet Ranch NPC to access the pet farm’s features and functionalities.
Upgrade your pets by evolving them to higher qualities using specific resources and materials.
Engage in pet farm activities to gather the necessary resources for pet evolution.
Utilize the various features provided by the pet farm to manage your pets effectively, including customization and optimization.

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