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Lost Ark Arkesia Map: Locations, Collectibles, Treasure Maps, and Hidden Quests

You know how important exploration and discovery are in the vast world of Arkesia. With numerous locations, collectibles, treasure maps, and hidden quests waiting to be uncovered, it’s essential to have a comprehensive map to guide you on your adventures. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the Lost Ark Arkesia map, highlighting key locations, collectibles, treasure maps, and hidden quests to enhance your gaming experience.

Exploring Arkesia

Arkesia, filled with diverse regions each offering unique challenges and rewards, is a realm to be explored. It’s a world where ancient ruins meet frozen landscapes, and every corner holds secrets ready to be discovered. To navigate this vast world efficiently, a reliable map is an indispensable tool.

Lost Ark Arkesia Map: Your Guide to Adventure

Arkesia Regions and Landmarks

The Lost Ark Arkesia map is divided into distinct regions, each with its landmarks, dungeons, and hidden treasures. As we explore some of the notable regions and their features, let’s also understand how different class combinations and party roles can influence your journey. Let’s explore some of the notable regions and their key features:


Artemis, a neutral nation that values peace, is a treasure trove of adventure. Its vast expanse is home to numerous treasure map locations, enticing explorers with the promise of valuable rewards. Artemis offers a picturesque backdrop for your quests, from winding valleys to lush forests.



The nomadic descendants of the ruined Kingdom of Kabatian inhabit the salt deserts of Eudia. Though challenging, this region’s treasure maps hold hidden riches that can be discovered by recognizing similar land formations. Embark on a journey through Eudia’s vast expanse and uncover its well-kept secrets.

West Lutheran

Known for its emphasis on chivalry and honor, West Lutheran exudes a sense of classic nobility. With one treasure map location per area, this region presents a unique opportunity for adventurers seeking focused quests. Refer to the general area maps to find spots with similar land formations and claim your rewards.

West Lutheran

East Lutheran

Nestled near the Luoden River, East Lutheran is a land of abundant fertility. The noble families who call this region home have amassed wealth through farming and animal agriculture. The available treasure maps provide guidance, leading you to hidden treasures in this prosperous and picturesque land.


The beautiful island of Tortoyk, inhabited by the Mokoko dwarves, is shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that a slumbering rocky giant created this secluded island. Explore its depths and discover the secrets hidden within. The available treasure maps will guide you, revealing valuable loot.


Anich is a peaceful land adorned with winding valleys and forests. Martial arts hold great value here, as families compete for the honor of the Manmin. By referencing the general area map and identifying similar land formations, you can embark on treasure hunts that test your skills and reward your perseverance.


Situated in a vast, barren desert, Arthetine is inhabited by skilled inventors and modifiers known as Kenyans. Their aptitude for crafting epic machines and modifying their own bodies fuels rapid development. Unlock the secrets of Arthetine by following the available treasure maps and uncovering hidden riches.

North Bern

Exiled Shilin people found an opportunity in North Bern, establishing towns that flourished in the region’s warm climate and abundant resources. Over time, a diverse nation emerged, offering exciting quests and challenges for adventurers. Unveil the treasures of North Bern by exploring its various locations and engaging in its vibrant culture.


Sushire presents a contrasting landscape with its perpetually frozen terrain. The villagers, skilled in fishing and hunting, endure the harsh conditions to survive. However, the region’s hardships have made its inhabitants vulnerable to exploitation. As you navigate Sushire’s icy expanses, be vigilant for hidden quests that bring hope to the struggling villagers.


Collectibles, Treasure Maps, and Hidden Quests

Venturing beyond the exploration of the diverse regions of Arkesia, you will encounter various collectibles, treasure maps, and hidden quests. These hidden elements, like Mokoko Seeds, treasure chests, and secret passages, add depth to the gameplay. They make your journey through Lost Ark Arkesia more immersive, urging players to explore every nook and cranny.

Collectibles, Treasure Maps

Making the Most of Your Adventure

It’s essential to make the most of the available resources. Utilize the comprehensive map provided by reputable sources like MapGenie and Maxroll to plan your exploration effectively. These tools offer a progress tracker that can help you achieve 100% completion, ensuring you don’t miss any locations, collectibles, treasure maps, or hidden quests.

Moreover, customizing your character for optimal performance can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Understanding Lost Ark skill builds will help you adapt to various challenges Arkesia throws at you, making your journey through the vast world both rewarding and engaging.


In conclusion, the Lost Ark Arkesia map provides a vital resource for players venturing into the expansive world of Arkesia. With its detailed representation of various regions, landmarks, dungeons, and hidden treasures, the map is a reliable guide for adventurers seeking to maximize their gaming experience.


What can I find on the Lost Ark Arkesia Map?

The Lost Ark Arkesia Map provides a comprehensive guide to the various locations within the game. It includes information about dungeons, hidden quests, treasure maps, Mokoko Seeds, notes, and secret passages. The map is a valuable resource for players looking to explore Arkesia and uncover its hidden treasures.

How can I access the Lost Ark Arkesia Map?

You can access the Lost Ark Arkesia Map through reputable sources such as MapGenie and Maxroll. These platforms offer a user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate the map and track your progress. The map can be valuable in ensuring you don’t miss any important locations or collectibles.

Are there treasure maps in Lost Ark Arkesia?

Yes, there are treasure maps in Lost Ark Arkesia. These maps provide clues and directions to hidden treasures scattered throughout the game world. Players can embark on exciting quests and discover valuable loot by following the treasure maps.

Where can I find Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark Arkesia?

Mokoko Seeds can be found in the region of Tortoyk, a small island inhabited by a tribe of dwarves known as the Mokoko. Towering rocks surround the island, and the Mokoko Seeds are hiding throughout the area. Exploring Tortoyk and locating these seeds can be a rewarding experience.

How can I make the most of my adventure in Lost Ark Arkesia?

To make the most of your adventure in Lost Ark Arkesia, it is recommended to utilize the available resources and tools. Use the comprehensive map to guide your exploration, track your progress, and ensure you don’t miss any important locations or collectibles. Engage in hidden quests, follow treasure maps, and immerse yourself in the rich lore and gameplay of Lost Ark Arkesia.

Are there specific regions or areas in Arkesia that offer unique treasures?

Yes, each region in Arkesia offers its own set of treasures and unique experiences. Whether it’s the fertile land of East Lutheran, the frozen region of Sushire, or the vast expanse of Eudia, each area holds its own secrets and hidden quests. Exploring different regions will provide you with diverse challenges and rewards.

Where do you get secret maps in Lost Ark?

Secret maps in Lost Ark can be obtained through various methods. They can be rewards from bosses, obtained by completing dungeons, dropped by defeated enemies, or even obtained as rewards for main or side quests. Additionally, you can exchange maps with certain NPCs, like Maria in Luterra Castle, who can trade your map for another for a fee.

How do you find the secret dungeon in Lost Ark?

To find the secret dungeon in Lost Ark, you must acquire a secret map. These maps are the key to opening the entrance to the secret dungeon. Once you have the map, you can access the secret dungeon by following its instructions or clues. The secret dungeon usually contains a small area with a weak boss that can drop valuable items upon defeat.

Where is the Alik R treasure map 3 in Lost Ark?

The specific location of the Alik R treasure map 3 in Lost Ark can vary. Treasure maps are often found in specific areas or as rewards for completing quests. To locate the Alik R treasure map 3, you may need to explore different regions or interact with NPCs who provide quests or information about hidden treasures.

What do legendary maps give in Lost Ark?

Legendary maps in Lost Ark can provide access to special and highly rewarding treasure hunts. These maps often lead players to unique and rare treasures, including valuable items and equipment. Following the clues and exploring the designated locations, players can uncover extraordinary rewards to enhance their gameplay experience.

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