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Lily The Thunderfoot Tribe Character in Street Fighter 6

Lily Hawk, also known as the Listener of Spirits, is a fascinating new addition to the roster of characters in Street Fighter 6. Hailing from the Thunderfoot tribe, Lily brings unique skills and a rich backstory to the game. This article will delve into Lily’s biography, appearance, personality, and role in Street Fighter 6’s story mode. Let’s explore the world of Lily and discover the secrets behind her titanic power.


Lily is a descendant of the Thunderfoot tribe, a group of warriors with a deep connection to nature and the spirits. She has the ability to communicate with these spirits, allowing her to tap into their guidance and harness their power. Lily’s journey takes her across the globe as she seeks to uncover the hidden truths of her tribe and fulfill her destiny. Despite her small stature, Lily’s strength lies within her, waiting to be unleashed.


Lily is a short girl with tan skin and striking black hair tied up in two tall pigtails. Her appearance reflects her tribal heritage, as she adorns herself in a vibrant blue and white cape with red and green designs. Her distinct attire adds to the uniqueness of the Street Fighter 6 universe. In fact, if you’re interested in the game’s aesthetics, you might want to check out the collector’s edition of Street Fighter 6, which offers an immersive experience for fans.



Lily is a youthful and curious girl with a genuine interest in the world around her. She shares similarities with Elena, another character she has encountered in her travels. Lily’s movements may seem unrefined at times due to her lack of experience, as evidenced by her Super Art animations. Despite her naivety, Lily is not oblivious to the true intentions of JP, an enigmatic character, and she also worries about the recklessness of Juri. Her desire to make friends and be kind to everyone showcases her compassionate nature.


A story in Street Fighter 6

In Street Fighter 6, Lily embarks on a journey to uncover the mysteries of her Thunderfoot tribe. Her deep connection with nature and the spirits drives her forward as she trusts their guidance. Lily’s Arcade Mode showcases her quest to explore the world and the encounters she has along the way. As she embarks on her quest, players also get to enjoy the game’s competitive scene, filled with thrilling tournaments and skilled players. For more information about the competitive scene, you can refer to this guide on the Street Fighter 6 competitive scene.

Character Relationships

Lily’s relationships with other characters in Street Fighter 6 provide additional depth to her story. T. Hawk, another member of the Thunderfoot tribe, serves as her main inspiration to leave the settlement and explore the world. Lily imitated T. Hawk’s fighting style, highlighting their connection and shared heritage. Dhalsim, a wise and mystical character, finds Lily’s strength and connection with spirits intriguing. Playing as Lily not only allows you to enjoy her individual story but also lets you interact with your friends online, and you can learn how to play online with friends in Street Fighter 6.

Character Relationships


Lily, the Thunderfoot tribe character in Street Fighter 6, brings a refreshing and unique perspective to the game. With her ability to communicate with spirits and her determination to uncover her tribe’s secrets, she captivates players with her titanic power. Her appearance reflects her cultural heritage, while her personality portrays a curious and compassionate nature. Lily’s journey in Street Fighter 6 promises exciting encounters and memorable moments. So, gear up and join Lily as she embarks on her extraordinary adventure!


Who is Lily in Street Fighter 6?

Lily is a character in Street Fighter 6 from the Thunderfoot tribe, known for her connection with spirits and captivating journey.

What is the Thunderfoot tribe in Street Fighter 6?

The Thunderfoot tribe is a group to which Lily belongs. They have a deep connection with nature and spirits.

What are Lily’s abilities in Street Fighter 6?

Lily possesses titanic power despite her small stature. She speaks with spirits and trusts in their guidance during her travels.

Can Lily communicate with spirits in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, Lily can communicate with spirits in the game, relying on their guidance as she explores the world.

What is Lily’s role in Street Fighter 6’s story mode?

Lily’s role in the story mode of Street Fighter 6 revolves around her journey to save her Thunderfoot tribe and encounter various warriors along the way.

Does Lily have any relationships with other characters in Street Fighter 6?

Lily is inspired by T. Hawk from the Thunderfoot tribe and imitates his fighting style. She also interacts with Dhalsim, who offers to train her to unlock her true potential.

What is Lily’s appearance like in Street Fighter 6?

Lily is a short girl with tan skin and black hair styled in two tall pigtails. She wears a blue and white cape, torn pink shorts, and brown boots with trims resembling the Mexican flag.

How does Lily’s personality manifest in Street Fighter 6?

Lily is a youthful and curious girl interested in the world around her. She wishes to make friends but is not naive to others’ true intentions.

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