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Joining Volcano Manor in Elden Ring – Consequences and Questline Unlocked

Are you an Elden Ring player trying to figure out the best path forward in the game? One common question players ask is whether or not they should join Volcano Manor. This article will examine the potential repercussions of joining and unlocking questlines within this realm.

What is Volcano Manor?

Volcano Manor is a covenant in Elden Ring that consists of NPCs located in the fiery area. To access it, Rya must first complete her quest to retrieve a valuable necklace. Once at the Manor, Tanith – the leader of this covenant – will ask you to pledge your allegiance.

Joining The Manor has two primary benefits: unlocking its quest line and access to some unique boss fights. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these effects in more depth.

The Questline Unlock

One of the primary benefits of joining Volcano Manor is to access its extensive quest line. This quest line spans multiple events throughout the game, so pledging your loyalty to Tanith will grant you access to The Drawing Room Key, which unlocks this quest line.

Completing the quest line grants you access to some exclusive items and equipment not found elsewhere in the game. However, it should be noted that this questline is optional; you can still progress through the game without joining the covenant.

The Benefits of Joining Volcano Manor

Players often join Volcano Manor to access some exclusive boss fights. By joining the covenant, you will have access to invading random NPCs and engaging in Shard bearer battles – an invaluable benefit for those aiming to progress through the game quickly.

However, it’s essential to remember that these boss fights are optional, and you can still progress through the game without engaging in them. Ultimately, your decision whether or not to join Volcano Manor ultimately depends on your personal preferences and playstyle.

Joining Volcano Manor

While joining Volcano Manor can have its advantages, there may be potential drawbacks you should be aware of. For instance, joining the covenant may lead to hostility towards other NPCs in the game, making progress through certain areas more challenging.

Furthermore, if you choose not to join the covenant, you could miss out on some special items and equipment that cannot be obtained elsewhere in the game. This could make progressing through it more challenging or defeat certain bosses.

Finally, it’s worth noting that joining Volcano Manor does not affect the storyline of the game. You can still progress through it and reach its conclusion regardless of whether or not you choose to join or not.


Joining Volcano Manor in Elden Ring offers both advantages and drawbacks. By becoming part of the covenant, you’ll gain access to its questline and some unique boss fights; however, there may also be unintended consequences, such as becoming hostile towards other NPCs in the game.

Ultimately, whether or not to join Volcano Manor comes down to your individual playstyle and preferences. If you want the fullest experience that the game has to offer, then joining the covenant is definitely something worth considering.


Is joining Volcano Manor Elden Ring a wise decision?

Joining Volcano Manor in Elden Ring can offer many advantages, such as access to new quests and areas without any significant drawbacks. Joining is generally seen as beneficial.

Will joining Volcano Manor restrict my options in Elden Ring?

No, joining Volcano Manor does not appear to prevent players from doing anything else. While it may affect some NPC quests, there are no apparent negative repercussions for joining the covenant.

Will joining Volcano Manor make me an Elden Lord?

Unfortunately, joining Volcano Manor does not appear to have any direct effect on becoming the Elden Lord; however, it could potentially influence some NPC quests and storylines.

What can you find at Volcano Manor Elden Ring?

In Volcano Manor, players can complete various quests and assassination missions for NPCs such as Rya, Patches, and Knight Bernahl. Furthermore, the covenant offers unique armor sets and items for players to acquire.

Are There Disadvantages to Joining Volcano Manor Elden Ring?

No, there do not appear to be any significant drawbacks associated with joining Volcano Manor in Elden Ring. While some NPCs may not agree with the player’s decision, there appear to be no negative repercussions from joining the covenant.

What are the advantages of joining Volcano Manor in Elden Ring?

Becoming a member of Volcano Manor offers several rewards, such as access to new quests, assassination missions, and unique armor sets and items. Furthermore, it unlocks an NPC room which is necessary for completing certain quests.

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