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How to Use Iron Whetblade in Elden Ring: Step-by-Step Guide

Elden Ring, the latest game in the Soulsborne genre, has taken over the gaming world with its captivating mechanics, visuals, and lore. Players have been enthralled by Elden Ring’s many weapons, including the Iron Whetblade, which is a popular choice among users; however, using it can be somewhat tricky. In this article, we’ll guide you step-by-step on how to utilize this weapon effectively in Elden Ring.

What is the Iron Whetblade?

Before we delve into the specifics of using this weapon, let’s get a basic understanding of what it is. The Iron Whetblade is a type of Whetblade found in Elden Ring that enables players to access various affinity upgrades for weapons. Key Items in Elden Ring, like the Iron Whetblade, can be found in specific locations or given by associated NPCs, and they play an essential role in unlocking areas, finishing quests, and progressing through the game’s storyline. In fact, the importance of specific locations and characters in the game can’t be overstated, much like when trying to find Blaidd’s location after defeating Radahn.

Where Can You Find the Iron Whetblade?

In order to use the Iron Whetblade, you first must locate it. It can be found near Stormveil Castle near Rampart Tower Site of Lost Grace in a room blocked off by an Imp Statue, which requires a Stonesword Key in order to open. With your key, use it on the statue and kill any enemies inside before looting their corpses for your Iron Whetblade reward!

Step-by-Step Guide on Utilizing the Iron Whetblade

Now that you have your Iron Whetblade in Elden Ring, here is a step-by-step tutorial on using it:

Step 1: Equip the Iron Whetblade

The initial step to using the Iron Whetblade is equipping it. To do this, go to your inventory, select the weapon, then click “Equip,” and the weapon will now be equipped in your right-hand slot.

Step 2: Choose an Affinity Upgrade

The Iron Whetblade offers you the chance to choose an affinity upgrade for your weapon, similar to how you can use Armament in Elden Ring. Access your inventory, select the Iron Whetblade, and click “Choose Affinity Upgrade.” A list of potential upgrades, each tailored to different playstyles and weapon scaling/damage specifications, will appear. Choose the upgrade that best aligns with your playstyle and preferences.

Step 3: Upgrade the Weapon

After selecting an affinity upgrade, it’s time to upgrade the weapon. To do this, go to your inventory, select Iron Whetblade, then select “Upgrade.” You will now be asked to confirm the upgrade; confirm this, and your weapon will now be upgraded with your chosen affinity.

Step 4: Utilize Your Weapon

Now that you’ve upgraded your weapon, it’s time to put it to use. The Iron Whetblade is an incredibly powerful weapon capable of dealing massive damage to enemies. To utilize it, simply attack targets with it – its upgraded affinity will now be applied to every attack.


Utilizing the Iron Whetblade in Elden Ring doesn’t have to be a complicated process. The weapon is easy to locate, and upgrading it is an effortless process. With our step-by-step guide, you should have no trouble taking advantage of this powerful weapon’s potential. So go forth and conquer your enemies with it!


How do I use my items in Elden Ring?

To use items in Elden Ring, you need to assign them to your hot bar/quick pouch. You can access this menu by pressing pause and selecting the inventory and equipment option. From there, you can select the item you want to assign to your Hotbar and choose a slot for it. Once you have assigned your items, you can access them quickly during gameplay by using the corresponding hotkey.

What does the iron whetstone do?

The iron whetstone is an upgrade item in Elden Ring that can be used to improve the affinity of a weapon. Affinity is a stat that determines the scaling of a weapon with a specific attribute, such as strength, dexterity, or magic. When you use an iron whetstone on a weapon, you get to choose which affinity it will improve, making it a valuable tool for customizing your weapons to fit your playstyle.

When should I use a whetstone?

Whetstones are items in Elden Ring that can be used to temporarily increase the sharpness of your weapon, boosting its damage output. You should use a whetstone when you are facing a tough enemy or boss and need to deal as much damage as possible. However, be aware that whetstones have a limited duration and can only be used a certain number of times before they run out.

How do you use Elden Ring whetstones?

To use a whetstone in Elden Ring, you need to first acquire the item. Whetstones can be found throughout the game world, and they are also sometimes dropped by enemies. Once you have a whetstone, you can use it by selecting it from

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