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Elden Ring Guide: How to Get the Snow Witch Set

Are you a fan of Elden Ring, the latest action role-playing game from From Software and Bandai Namco? If so, you might be searching for the Snow Witch Set – an exquisite attire set known for its pale elegance and mystical vibe. In this guide, we’ll show you how to acquire this set and complete your collection.

What is the Snow Witch Set in Elden Ring?

Before we delve into how to obtain it, let’s take a quick look at what it is. The Snow Witch Set consists of three pieces: the Snow Witch Hat, Robe, and Skirt. Known for its pale coloring, elegant design, and mystical vibe, this ensemble was crafted by Ranni – an enigmatic witch who Tarnished encountered at the start of Elden Ring.

How Can I Get This Snow Witch Set in Elden Ring?

Let’s find out how to obtain this complete attire set!

How can you unlock the sought-after Snow Witch Set in Elden Ring? To do so, progress through the game’s Raya Lucaria Academy and Caria Manor areas. Before beginning your quest for this coveted item, be sure to complete both these quests:

Accept Ranni’s questlineProgressing through the game will eventually lead you to accept Ranni’s questline, akin to discovering the function of the Occult in Elden Ring. Following her tasks might ultimately direct you towards the Snow Witch Set.

Find the Snow Witch Set chest. The Snow Witch Set rests within a chest on the upper floor of Renna’s Rise, tucked away at the back of the elevator room. Similar to the intriguing task of selling Remembrance, this step requires careful exploration.

Collect all three pieces. The Snow Witch Set consists of three components: the Snow Witch Hat, Robe, and Skirt. Make sure to collect them all for a complete set.

Tips on Acquiring the Snow Witch Set

Though these steps may seem straightforward, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make obtaining the Snow Witch Set in Elden Ring easier:

Explore Deeply: Elden Ring brims with hidden secrets and areas, reminiscent of the mystique surrounding Morgott, the Omen King. Thoroughly explore each area to uncover all necessary items.

Upgrade Your Gear: Enhancing your weapons and armor aids in overcoming foes and progressing through the game, much like the usefulness of exploring the mysterious locations of Evergaol. Ensure regular upgrades for a smooth journey.

Be Patient: The Snow Witch Set is a highly sought-after attire set; collecting all three pieces may take some effort. So be patient and persistent in your pursuit to collect them all!

Utilize a Guide: If you’re having trouble locating the Snow Witch Set or need assistance progressing through the game, using a guide may be beneficial.


The Snow Witch Set is a sought-after attire set in Elden Ring that exudes pale elegance and a mystic vibe. To acquire it, you must progress through Raya Lucaria Academy and Caria Manor, accept Ranni’s questline, and find the chest in Renna’s Rise. Be sure to explore thoroughly, upgrade your gear, be patient, and consider using a guide if possible; with these tips and tricks in hand, you’ll have your Snow Witch Set in no time!


Is the Snow Witch Set Beneficial in Elden Ring?

The Snow Witch Set has its advantages and drawbacks. While it provides a boost to cold magic, it also reduces damage resistance. Ultimately, whether or not this set is beneficial depends on each player’s playstyle and situation; some may find it useful in certain scenarios, while others would opt for other armor sets with superior overall protection.

What is the Best Witch Armor in Elden Ring?

Finding the ideal witch armor depends on a player’s preferences and playstyle. Some of the top sets include Snow Witch Set and Dark Witch Set, each offering its own advantages and drawbacks, so players should experiment to find which suits them best.

How Can You Acquire the Snow Witch Set in Elden Ring?

To receive this set, players must pass through Raya Lucaria Academy and Caria Manor and accept Ranni’s questline. Afterward, they should proceed to Renna’s Rise, where they will find it hidden inside a chest on the upper floor of an elevator room.

Why is Snow Witch armor beneficial?

The Snow Witch armor offers an advantage to cold magic users, especially those specializing in it. Unfortunately, its damage resistance reduction comes at the cost of increased vulnerability to attacks from enemies. Therefore, whether or not the Snow Witch armor is beneficial depends on your playstyle and current circumstances.

What is the strongest ice weapon in Elden Ring?

The Frostbite Greatsword is undisputedly the strongest ice weapon in Elden Ring, dealing frost damage and boasting an impressive durability rating that makes it a formidable weapon within the game.

What is the fastest attacking strength weapon in Elden Ring?

The Greatsword of Judgement is the fastest attacking strength weapon in Elden Ring. This weapon boasts a fast swing speed and deals significant damage, making it an attractive option among players.

What are the most challenging weapons in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring’s most challenging weapons require precision and timing to use effectively. Some of these include whips, spears, and rapiers, which demand players be quick with their attacks – making them a challenge to master.

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