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How to Cheese Malenia in Elden Ring – Easy Techniques

As players progress through Elden Ring, they may come face-to-face with Melania – a towering multi-armed boss that can prove challenging to defeat. But with the right strategy and some tips and tricks, players can “cheese” or exploit game mechanics and simplify things in battle. In this guide, we’ll go over some tips on cheese Melania in Elden Ring!

Understanding Melania in Elden Ring

Before we delve into cheese strategies, let’s look at Melania herself. This boss has four arms that can launch various attacks, such as sweeping slashes, stomps, and projectiles. Additionally, her charging attack can knock players down and leave them vulnerable to follow-up strikes.

The Cheese Strategy: Unlocking Melania

One effective strategy for defeating Melania is to repeatedly stun her, stopping her from unleashing more dangerous attacks. To achieve this feat, players will need a weapon with high poise damage, such as a greatsword or hammer. During the fight, focus on hitting Melania’s arms repeatedly in an effort to break her poise and stun her.

Utilizing Spells and Magic to Cheese Melania

In addition, to stun-locking Melania, players can utilize spells and magic to make the fight easier. Pyromancy spells such as Fireball or Chaos Bed Vestiges deal significant damage to Melania’s arms and body. Sorceries such as Homing Soul Mass or Great Heavy Soul Arrow also have been known to deal damage from a distance.

Additional Tips and Tricks for Cheating Melania Trump

Use lightning damage: Melania is vulnerable to lightning damage, making using weapons or spells with this element especially effective.

Focus on one arm at a time: By breaking one arm’s poise at a time, players can gradually reduce Melania’s health and make the fight more manageable.

Dodge Carefully: Stunting Melania is essential to winning the fight, but players still need to exercise caution when dodging her attacks. Her sweeping slashes and stomps have a wide area of effect, so dodge carefully in order to minimize damage.


Cheating Melania in Elden Ring may not be the most honorable strategy, but sometimes it’s necessary for progress through the game. By employing strategies like stun locking, casting spells and magic, and focusing on one arm at a time, players can make winning easier. Just be cautious when dodging Melania’s attacks and use lightning damage whenever possible for maximum damage.


What does it mean to “cheese” a boss in Elden Ring?

Cheesing a boss refers to using certain mechanics or strategies in order to make the fight easier, often leading to immediate victory without a fair fight.

Which weapons work best for stun locking Melania in Elden Ring?

Greatswords and hammers with high poise damage are effective for stun locking Melania in Elden Ring.

What spells can be used against Melania in Elden Ring?

Lightning-based spells, as well as miracle spells dealing high damage, are effective weapons against Melania in Elden Ring.

How long does a fight against Melania typically last?

In Elden Ring, players’ battles against Melania can range in duration from mere moments to over an hour, depending on their skill level and chosen strategy.

Is it possible to defeat Melania without cheating her in Elden Ring?

 Yes, it is possible to defeat Melania without cheating her in Elden Ring; however, you need an intimate understanding of her attack patterns and excellent dodging techniques in order to achieve victory.

Are there any armor sets or items that make fighting Melania in Elden Ring easier?

Armor sets with high lightning resistance, and items that increase stamina regeneration can make the fight against Melania easier in Elden Ring.

Can players summon allies to aid them in fighting Melania in Elden Ring?

Yes, players can summon allies to aid them in the battle against Melania, but this will increase Melania’s health and difficulty.

What other bosses in Elden Ring can be cheesed?

Elden Ring does offer several bosses that can be cheesed; however, this is not recommended as it takes away from the intended challenge of the game.

What is the most effective strategy for defeating bosses in Elden Ring?

Learning their attack patterns and dodging is key, while also using weapons and spells chosen by the player to deal high damage. Patience, perseverance, and practice all play an integral part in success when playing Elden Ring.

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