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Find Millicent in Elden Ring: Complete Questline Guide

Elden Ring is an immersive game that invites players to discover a vast world filled with hidden treasures and secrets. One of the most thrilling quests in Elden Ring is Millicent’s Questline; this guide will provide all the necessary information for players to complete this questline and locate Millicent successfully.

Who is Millicent?

Millicent is an enigmatic character in Elden Ring, afflicted with an unknown illness and seeking your aid. She can be found in various areas throughout the game, dependent on the progression of your questline. Her story shares a similar mystery to that of Miquella’s journey in Elden Ring..

How to Begin the Questline?

To commence Millicent’s questline, players must first interact with Gowry, located at his shack near Sellia Gateway and Sellia Town of Sorcery in Caelid, not dissimilar to finding the starting point of Diallos’s questline. After completing tasks assigned by Gowry, you’ll be introduced to Millicent.

Chapter 1: Meeting Millicent

After satisfying Gowry’s requests, players will encounter Millicent. She can be located far east of Limgrave, in proximity to the Swamp of Aeonia. Adventuring along the swamp’s southern edge will lead you to Sellia Gateway, a small castle gate reminiscent of the atmospheric entries of the mysterious Evergaol locations.

Chapter 2: Curing Millicent

Having met Millicent, the next task is to find a remedy for her elusive sickness. The cure can be found in Windmill Village, located beyond Altus Plateau, a terrain as challenging as the Consecrated Snowfield. Your goal here is to discover the Unalloyed Gold Needle, a crucial element in concocting Millicent’s cure.

Chapter 3: To the Haligtree

After curing Millicent, players must take her to the Haligtree to complete the questline. It can be found at Brace of Haligtree in Elpael; players will need both sides of a Secret Haligtree Medallion: the right side in Village of Albinaurics in a swampy giant cave west of Liurnia of the Lakes and the left side in Village of Albinaurics in giant cave northwest of Elpael.


Completing Millicent’s questline can be a grueling but rewarding journey. Players must navigate various locations and complete various tasks to locate and heal Millicent. With this guide, players can successfully complete this questline and unlock all Elden Ring has to offer.


Is Millicent important in Elden Ring?

Millicent is an important NPC in Elden Ring. Although not a central character to the game’s main story, her questline provides players with valuable items that can aid in the endgame. Additionally, her storyline is one of the more emotional and engaging side quests in the game, making her an important character for players to interact with.

Is Millicent Melania’s daughter?

There is no information available to suggest that Millicent is Melania’s daughter. Melania is another NPC in Elden Ring, but their relationship is not clear.

Where is Millicent in Elden Ring?

Millicent can be found in Caelid, in a small castle gate called Sellia Gateway. Players can speak to Gowry, an NPC located at Gowry’s Shack, who will give them the quest to find Millicent and attempt to cure her of Scarlet Rot.

Where is Millicent after sisters?

It is unclear where Millicent can be found after completing the quest involving her sisters. However, she is believed to still be found in Caelid, near the Sellia Gateway.

Who is Millicent to Melania?

There is no clear relationship between Millicent and Melania in Elden Ring.

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