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Find Blaidd’s Location After Defeating Radahn in Elden Ring

If you’re an Elden Ring player, then you understand the importance of finding Blaidd after defeating Radahn. In this article, we’ll look into all the locations where players can locate Blaidd after beating Radahn in Elden Ring – so let’s begin exploring!

Limgrave’s Mistwood Ruins

Start your quest by looking for Blaidd at Limgrave’s Mistwood Ruins. You can access this area only by night from the west side of the Forest Road northwest of Nomadic. It is somewhat reminiscent of the intricate steps required to find Boc in Elden Ring. If you haven’t explored this spot yet, ensure to mark it on your map. Here, you’ll encounter Blaidd and gain a quest from him, requesting you to join him at Redmane Castle.

Redmane Castle

Upon meeting Blaidd at Limgrave’s Mistwood Ruins, proceed to Redmane Castle. The journey to this castle may remind you of the trek to Ainsel River Main. At Redmane Castle, you’ll need to progress through Renna’s questline, and Blaidd will accompany you in your confrontation with General Radahn. Once you defeat Radahn, Blaidd will ask you to rendezvous with him back at Nokron.

Forlorn Hound Evergaol

After your victory over Radahn, if you fail to find Blaidd at Nokron, then Forlorn Hound Evergaol in Limgrave should be your next destination. Blaidd will be held captive by War Counselor Iji in this location, similar to the Margit boss fight. You’ll have to rescue him before he can continue on his journey.


After your victory against Radahn, Blaidd promises that he’ll meet you at Nokron. However, he never arrives. If you’re still searching for Blaidd at Nokron, head back south Limgrave.

Other Tips and Tricks

Keep an eye on the map and add new locations as they become available.

Make sure to explore every corner and crevice of the game to uncover hidden locations and items.

Talking to NPCs in Elden Ring will teach you more about its lore and open up new quests.


Finally, finding Blaidd after defeating Radahn is essential for progressing the storyline forward. Be sure to visit Limgrave’s Mistwood Ruins, Redmane Castle, Forlorn Hound Evergaol, and Nokron to locate him. Don’t forget to follow our tips and tricks for an optimal Elden Ring gameplay experience!


Where do you go after beating Radahn in Elden Ring?

After defeating Radahn in Elden Ring, you can go to various locations depending on the quests you have completed. If you are following Ranni’s questline, you should speak to Blaidd near the Site of Grace that appears after defeating Radahn. He will instruct you to meet him “where the falling star bit the Earth,” which is located south of the Mistwood in Limgrave. If you have completed other quests or have specific objectives, you may need to consult quest guides or walkthroughs to determine where to go next.

How do I get to Nokron after Radahn?

Defeating Radahn unleashes the stars, one of which will come crashing down to forge a new entrance to Nokron, Eternal City. This region, which is adjacent to and above the Siofra River, can be accessed through a massive crater to the west of Fort Haight in Limgrave East. You’ll see large chunks floating in the air as you approach the area.

What to do after defeating Blaidd?

After defeating Blaidd, there may be specific objectives or quests that require you to go to a specific location or speak to a particular character. Alternatively, you may have completed all the objectives related to Blaidd’s questline and can move on to other quests or objectives. If you are unsure where to go or what to do next, consult a walkthrough or guide.

Does killing Radahn stop any quests?

Killing Radahn does not necessarily stop any quests, but it may change the objectives or requirements of ongoing quests. Completing certain quests may require defeating Radahn, and doing so may unlock new quests or objectives. However, some quests may not require defeating Radahn, and completing them may be possible without ever engaging in combat with him.

Can you enter Nokron without Radahn?

Nokron, Eternal City, is inaccessible until after you defeat Radahn. Defeating Radahn unleashes the stars, one of which will come crashing down to forge a new entrance to Nokron. The new entrance to Nokron is located through a massive crater to the west of Fort Haight in Limgrave East.

Why can’t I teleport after defeating Radahn?

After defeating Radahn, you may not be able to teleport immediately because of the location of the new area you need to go to. You may need to walk or ride to the new area and unlock the checkpoint before you can teleport to it.

How good is Radahn’s armor?

Radahn’s armor is a heavy armor set that provides excellent physical protection and decent elemental protection. It also provides bonuses to poise and stamina, making it an ideal choice for players who prefer a slow, heavy playstyle.

What does Radahn’s Great Rune do?

Radahn’s Great Rune is an item that can be obtained by defeating Radahn in Elden Ring. The item is a component of the Fallen Star weapon, which requires three Great Runes to be constructed. The Great Rune itself provides a bonus to damage and stamina regeneration.

What to do in Redmane Castle after beating Radahn?

After defeating Radahn in Redmane Castle, you can explore the area to find new items, enemies, and secrets. You may also need to speak to other characters or complete specific objectives related to ongoing quests.

Is Radahn optional?

Radahn is not entirely optional. If you are following Ranni’s quest line, defeating Radahn is required to progress. However, there may be other quests or objectives that do not require defeating Radahn. It is up to the player to decide which quests and objectives they want to pursue.

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