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Elden Ring Mighty Shot Usage – How to Snipe Enemies from a Distance

If you’re playing Elden Ring and searching for an effective way to snipe enemies from a distance, Mighty Shot is your ticket. This powerful archery skill can give you a major health advantage during battles and even allow instant death when shot in the head. In this article, we’ll dive deep into using Mighty Shot effectively so that you can take down enemies at a distance.

What is Mighty Shot?

Mighty Shot is an advanced archery skill in Elden Ring that allows you to snipe enemies from a distance. To use this ability, take an oblique stance and pull your bowstring until it reaches its limit – thus increasing its power and penetration of enemy defenses. Ashes of War offers Mighty Shot as a regular skill that can be applied to Light bows and Longbows.

How to Utilize Mighty Shot?

To utilize Mighty Shot, you’ll first need the skill from Ashes of War. After having it, equip it with either a Light bow or Longbow. When ready, take an oblique stance and prepare your bowstring by pulling back its limit; this will increase the power of your Shot before releasing it for firing.

One important thing to remember is that Mighty Shot works best from a distance. When your enemies are far away, you have an increased chance of hitting them with powerful shots. Furthermore, Mighty Shot gives you an immense health advantage during battles, simplifying fights.

Instantly Killing Enemies with Mighty Shot

If your bow and stats are good enough, Mighty Shot can instantly kill enemies when aimed directly at their heads. This can prove immensely useful during intense battles where quick elimination of enemies is essential.

Invest in a high-quality bow and work on improving your stats to maximize your chances of instant killing enemies with Mighty Shot. The more powerful your bow and statistics are, the greater your chance of killing enemies with just one Shot.

Tips for Utilizing Mighty Shot Effectively

Here are some tips for using Mighty Shot efficiently in Elden Ring:

Practice Aiming Effectively with Mighty Shot: To be successful with Mighty Shot, you’ll need excellent aim. Take some time out of your day to aim at targets from a distance and improve your accuracy.

Use the Right Bow: You must use the appropriate bow for maximum effectiveness with Mighty Shot. Investing in a high-quality Light bow or Longbow will significantly boost your chances of hitting enemies with an effective shot.

Focus on Your Stats: Stats can be an important factor in Mighty Shot’s success. Improve your Dexterity and Luck to boost your chances of hitting enemies and scoring critical hits.

Stay on a Distance: As previously noted, Mighty Shot works best from a distance. Stay far away from your enemies to increase the odds of hitting them with an effective shot.

Be Patient: With Mighty Shot, composing yourself for a good shot may take some time. Be patient and wait for the right moment to take your Shot.


Mighty Shot is an impressive archery skill in Elden Ring that can be very useful for sniping enemies from a distance. Following the tips outlined in this article, you can use Mighty Shot effectively and efficiently to take down enemies. Whether you want to gain an advantage during battles or take out enemies quickly and efficiently, Mighty Shot should be considered an essential skill for any archery-focused build.


What bow is best for sniping in Elden Ring?

The Pulley Bow is considered the best bow for sniping in Elden Ring due to its range of 55, which is the highest among the available bows and crossbows.

What is the mighty shot skill in Elden Ring?

The “mighty shot” skill is not known in Elden Ring. However, the Lion Greatbow is the only bow in Elden Ring with its unique skill called “Radahn’s Rain,” which is similar to “Rain of Arrows.”

How do you use the special skill on the bow in Elden Ring?

To use the special skill on the Lion Greatbow in Elden Ring, the player needs to equip the bow and then use the L2 or LT button, depending on the platform.

How does aiming work in Elden Ring?

The aiming in Elden Ring works similarly to other games in the Soulsborne genre. The player can use the left analog stick to move the aiming reticle and the right analog stick to control the camera. Once the target is lined up, the player can fire the bow with the R1 or RB button.

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